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About the PMC Blog

Read stories from Pan-Mass Challenge riders and volunteers about why they PMC, stay up to date on PMC news, learn about upcoming events and more!

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Why I PMC - Art Dorfman

Jun 26, 2019 1:39:18 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Art Dorfman, 13-year rider, Team Jodi & Art Ride For A Cure

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Why I PMC - Leenie Glickman

Jun 22, 2019 9:41:20 AM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Leenie Glickman, 9-year Living Proof volunteer

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Why I PMC - Mark Bamford

Jun 19, 2019 11:30:58 AM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Mark Bamford, 5th-year rider, Captain of Team A-Bam

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Why I PMC - Anne Palmer

Jun 13, 2019 12:43:13 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Anne Palmer, 7-year Living Proof volunteer

FB_IMG_1553796166609This coming August will be my seventh year of volunteering for the PMC at Mass Maritime Academy. Following treatment for my aggressive breast cancer in 2012 and 2013 I was looking for a way to give back to Dana-Farber and to express my gratitude for the incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable care I had received from the nurses and doctors.  I had always heard about the PMC and was impressed with their organization and fundraising goals.  My manager from work  had been volunteering for a couple of years and provided me with more details.  I happily signed up to work the luggage tent on Saturday morning.  I also set up tents for the riders who would be staying overnight at MMA.  I met so many wonderful volunteers and riders that I knew I would be volunteering the following year.  In 2014 I worked on Saturday morning at MMA and the next morning before the sun rose I was at the Barnstable Courthouse making Fluffernutters for the riders.  One of the most moving parts about volunteering is the exceptional gratitude the riders express to each volunteer.   I get chills thinking about the gracious “thank you’s” I have received over the past six years.  To me though, I am eternally grateful to those riders who have trained and sacrificed to be able to participate in the PMC and raise funds for cancer research.  They are the heroes, they are the ones who are literally riding for a cure.

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Why I PMC - JP Belliveau

Jun 12, 2019 10:08:04 AM

#WHYIPMC guest blog by JP Belliveau, first-year rider, Team Courage Coneheads

Year 1 - Hitting Home

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Why I PMC - Ed Fritsch

Jun 6, 2019 10:35:26 AM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Ed Fritsch, 9-year rider

Why do I ride?  Why wouldn’t I? My wife of nearly forty years died of breast cancer in early 2011 and then my son passed away from melanoma in 2015.  My family and I have experienced much too close the heartaches, the emotional roller coaster, the stressful toll that it takes on the innocent victim and all those in their circle.  We have seen and felt the care of physicians, nurses and staff at multiple institutions trying to make the disease go away and at the same time support the patient in the other aspects of their lives.  And I am a scientist and so I know firsthand how difficult, but how vital it is to have the funds to support the discovery and development of the new therapies that will be needed to combat this ruinous and aggressive foe.

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