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About the PMC Blog

Read stories from Pan-Mass Challenge riders and volunteers about why they PMC, stay up to date on PMC news, learn about upcoming events and more!

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Why I PMC - Sandra Orangio

May 20, 2020 5:15:10 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Sandra Orangio, 1st-year rider, Team BMW

I lost my husband, Mario, two years ago to pancreatic cancer. He was the fire chief of the Watertown Fire Department for 13 years and served the department for 29. 

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Why We PMC - Ally & Courtney Boli

May 13, 2020 3:07:17 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Ally Boli & Courtney Boli, 3-year riders, Team Kevin Fitz

In early 2017 our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a short month of relief she was back to battling metastatic breast cancer. Over the past three years we have watched her endure countless tests, multiple rounds of chemo, clinical trials, and a handful of surgeries while always continuing to fight.

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Why I PMC - Ed Shapiro

May 6, 2020 6:18:04 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Ed Shapiro, Living Proof, 1st-year rider

Although, I have been a Cyclist  for the past 40 years this is the 1st year I will be riding  the PMC. Like many of you,  the scourge of cancer has either threatened me personally or someone near and dear to me. Indeed, on the day I registered to ride this year's PMC, 2 close friends related to me ongoing battles with the disease. Wilder Mid April (3)

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Why I PMC - Bob Friedman, MD

Apr 29, 2020 12:46:24 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Bob Friedman, MD, 20-year rider

This was in 2000 and I was doing well until just after the first waterstop when my rear wheel suddenly locked up. I had to vault off the bike to keep from falling and I thought that was quite the athletic move. The road crew could not fix it and they took me back to the rest stop. I waited and one mechanic did something but when I started to ride, I knew it was not right and I had to go back. A second mechanic worked on it and I tried again to no avail. I went back and now there was only one mechanic left. He took the whole wheel apart and there were ball bearings lying on an oily rag. He said he was not sure he could fix it but I said he had to- this was my first time and I had raised $8500 and I absolutely had to do this ride.  After he got it back together, I looked around and the rest stop was totally empty. No riders and the waterstop was closing up. I thought to myself, oh boy this is my first PMC, there are 4000 riders and I am dead last.

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Why I PMC - Susan Giaconia

Apr 15, 2020 5:59:54 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Susan Giaconia, 4-year rider, Team 3G

Cancer really does wreak. My family has dealt with it way too much. Thanks to DFCI, myIMG_6143 husband has overcome Stage IV Colon Cancer with Liver Metastasis--he beat it with flying colors, but the battle was long. My mother-in-law was not as fortunate with her battle against lung cancer, but she fought it to the end. And now, I have joined Team 3G, a team started by a friend whose husband is currently battling lung cancer--and he is NOT a smoker! His sister, also a nonsmoker, is battling the same vicious disease! Their battles are real. Cancer doesn't discriminate--it affects all of us in one way or another. We need a cure! More research money is needed for a disease that too many of us think is just from smoking--it can affect any of us! Far too many patients with lung cancer are not smokers, nor ever have been. IMG_8178

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Why I PMC - Rick Tangard

Apr 8, 2020 5:26:07 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Rick Tangard, 22-year Living Proof rider

A cold rain fell as I recently stood before my parents’ headstone. My mother died in 2007, my EWT gravefather in 2012. The grass had grown over the edges of the plaque commemorating my father’s service in the Second World War. He was 20 years old in 1944 when he disembarked in Cherbourg and fought the Nazis across France, Belgium and the Netherlands. By comparison, at that age I was safely ensconced at a peaceful college in Connecticut. He lived in fear, slept in cold, wet foxholes and dodged bullets; I studied accounting.

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