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Rider Tracking

All 2022 PMC weekend riders should download and use the TraQCentral Participant app. 

The TraQCentral Participant app will allow each rider to:

  • be tracked by PMC command, road crew and medical volunteers
  • request medical or mechanical assistance,
  • access event and route info

Riders, please read the instructions below before downloading & using TraQCentral.

The PMC is not using RFID chips and tracking mats, as has been done in past years. Using the TraqCentral app is the only way to be tracked for PMC 2022.



The Two New Rider Tracking Tools for PMC 2022

The PMC is introducing new rider tracking tools for PMC 2022: one for riders enables tracking and supports riders on the road. The other lets people see where riders are on PMC weekend routes.

Riders: Use TraQCentral to Enable Rider Tracking

Each PMC weekend rider should download and use the TraQCentral Participant App for PMC 2022. Read the following instructions on this page to download the app, learn how to create your account and how to use the app on PMC weekend.

Riders & Non-Riders: Use track.pmc.org to Track Others' Rides

Track PMC weekend riders through track.pmc.org. Search for and favorite riders to track their progress on PMC weekend (August 6 & 7).

If a rider does not use TraQCentral, their progress will not display.

Learn more about how to track riders here.

Before PMC Weekend

Download the App Now

Any time ahead of PMC weekend, each rider should download the TraQCentral Participant app to the smartphone they will be using during the ride. Click one of the CTAs below, visit traq.cc/app, or scan the QR code on this page.

Download for iOS

Download for Android


Set Up Your Account in the TraQCentral App

For the PMC, you are required to agree to the three prompts.

You will be prompted to:

  • Allow notifications.
  • Agree to tracking.
  • Allow TraQCentral to use your location While Using App.

When you create your account, use the same name you use for the PMC.

Important: Make sure cellular data is turned on on your cell phone to allow TraQCentral to work throughout your ride.


Share the “Track Riders” link with Friends and Family

  • Share track.pmc.org with your friends and family. You can find this link in the main navigation of pmc.org, listed as Track Riders.
  • Visit track.pmc.org to find and "favorite" your teammates and friends who are riding PMC 2022.

Track Riders

On PMC Weekend

Before you start riding each day of PMC weekend, you will receive an in-app reminder to “Start tracking” your ride. 

In the morning before you get on your bike, please do the following:

1. Open the TraQCentral app and Login.


2. Locate and select Pan-Mass Challenge from the Event List.


3. Click Start Now.


TQC-Confirm-Select-Route4. Enter/confirm your contact information and select your route.

  • Enter the number of the cell phone you are using on the ride. 
  • Enter your PMC egift ID in the bib number field. Your egift ID can be found on your credentials (as well as in your PMC Dashboard). NOTE: Your egift ID is REQUIRED if you want to be tracked. 
  • If you want others to be able to track your ride, be sure to check “Allow people to search/track my progress on route."
  • Select your route for that day and click Go!

5. After clicking Go!, you will be brought to the home screen of the map. In your phone's notification bar, you will see an icon indicating that you are being tracked. (iPhone shown here; Android icon will vary)

Important: To track for the duration of your ride, the TraQCentral app must stay open on your phone, though it does not need to be visible and can remain open in the background. If you accidentally close out of the app, just restart it, re-select the event and route, and click Go again.


How to Request Assistance on the Road

If you encounter any issues (mechanical, medical, or anything else) while on your PMC ride, use the TraQCentral Participant App to request assistance.

1. From the home screen of TraQCentral, click Assistance.


2. Click the type of assistance needed – mechanical, minor, emergency, exhaustion, or other.



3. Confirm your phone number and enter any information about your issue that will help the PMC Command Center know how to best assist you. Then click Send.




4. After submitting your request, the Incident Viewer will open and a banner will appear at the bottom of the screen letting you know your request has been sent. A message will appear above once it has been received by the PMC Command Center.



5. TraQCentral will automatically update your request as the PMC Command Center opens the incident, assigns a road crew support vehicle to assist you, and when you or Command sends a message.

Your messages can be found at any time on the messages screen.



How Friends & Family Can Track Riders

Friends, family members, volunteers and riders can track PMC weekend riders directly from the new PMC Rider Tracking web app from their computer or mobile device.

This only works if the rider has enabled tracking through the TraQCentral Participant app.

1. Visit track.pmc.org. This link can be found in the main navigation of pmc.org listed as Track Riders.

2. On your first visit, you will be asked to register. Enter your name and phone number to register and be able to track riders for PMC 2022. A phone number allows the PMC to uniquely identify each person using track.pmc.org and to keep track of their favorites. The PMC will not text you.


3. Once you register, you can search for riders and add riders to your favorites. Adding riders to your favorites will enable you to easily track them on PMC weekend.

Use Find Riders to search for riders or teams by name.

Search for Riders

To find riders, type in the the name of the rider. Search will return results based on partial entry for individual PMC weekend riders.



Add Riders to Favorites

Click the result row to add a rider to your Favorites. The filled in star indicates the rider is in your favorites.



Search for Teams

To find teams, type Team ahead of the team's name. For example, search "Team PHAT Tuesday," not just "PHAT Tuesday."



Favorite an Entire Team

Click the star in the team's name to favorite all of the member's on the team.



Favorite Individual Riders on a Team

Click the caret to see all the team members and favorite them individually. 




Use Favorites on PMC weekend (August 6 & 7, 2022) to see where your favorite riders are. There are three statuses:

<X> miles from <Y>

If the rider has TraQCentral on and started tracking, you will see up-to-date information about the rider’s location (tracking is updated every 3 minutes).

Location Not Available

This status means there is no GPS information for that rider. This means that the rider has not downloaded TraQCentral and/or has not started the app before riding that day.

Not Sharing Location

This status indicates the rider has not enabled sharing in TraQCentral.

When each rider creates their account, they are prompted to agree to tracking and to allow TraQCentral to use their location While Using App. If this is not done, the rider's location will note show at track.pmc.org.

4. Click the caret next to the rider's name to access the map view, once tracking has started. Then click view on map to see the map view. Green and red icons indicate the start and stop points for the rider’s route that day; blue icons are water stops.



5. From the map view, click on the cyclist icon to see a street view of the rider's last location; location updates every 3 minutes.