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Whether you are going to ride a supported route on PMC weekend or participate on your own as a Virtual or Reimagined Rider, use these training resources as you get ready for your ride.


Saturday Routes

The PMC routes are available on Strava for you to use while training


Integrate Strava into your PMC profile page to show off how hard you're training! Strava is the fitness tracking service already used by millions of athletes worldwide; a free Strava account is all you need to track your miles and demonstrate that you're preparing for your PMC. Read more about how to integrate Strava with your PMC account here

Connect Strava to My PMC Account

Then join the Pan-Mass Challenge Strava Club and see how other PMC riders are training!

Cycling Nutrition 101

Use this nutrition guide from USA Cycling, the national governing body for the sport of cycling in the United States that oversees the disciplines of road, track, mountain bike, cyclocross, and BMX.



Every week during the fall and winter, the PMC Ride to Fight Cancer rolls out on the virtual roads of Zwift! If you are a Zwift subscriber already, be sure to join us in this inclusive, 60-minute ride. Rides are currently every Monday night.

Want to join the Zwift rides when they restart in the fall? Add your name to the list to be notified of upcoming rides.

Join the Next PMC Ride on Zwift