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The PMC Is a Ride, Not a Race

While riding during PMC weekend – as well training on your own and with other riders – please be respectful of everyone you are sharing the road with and keep the following in mind. 

Please take a few minutes and watch the PMC Safety Video

Road Safety

Please adhere to biking safety advice when riding on PMC weekend and when training for the PMC.

Be Predictable

Other riders expect you to continue straight ahead at a constant speed unless you indicate differently.

Change in Direction or Speed

Use hand signals and call out.

  • Left turn: left arm straight out
  • Right turn: right arm straight out or left arm out and up
  • Slowing or stopping: left arm out and down with your palm to the rear


Announce hazards (holes, glass, sand, grates, and other) by pointing down, and by shouting “hole,” bump,” etc.


Call out “slowing” or “stopping” to alert those behind to the change in speed. Note that each cyclist is responsible for verifying that the way is clear.

Traffic Coming From the Front or Rear

Call out "car up" or "car back." Move over to allow car to pass.

Change positions correctly

Slower riders stay to the right. Pass on the left saying "on your left" to warn the cyclist ahead of you.

Leave a Gap for Cars

When riding up hills or on narrow roads with traffic, leave a gap for cars between every three to four cyclists.

Move Off the Road When You Stop

When you restart, look for and yield to traffic.

Riding Two-Abreast

Even when riding double is legal, single up when cars are trying to pass.

Be Visible

Use a bright tail light, one that can be seen even in daylight, to catch the attention of overtaking vehicles. In addition, Massachusetts law now requires cyclists to use front and rear lights a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset.

Safety Tips in Videos

Watch these short safety reminders (one minute or less)

Follow the Rules of the Road


Ride Predictably


Verbal and Hand Signals


Passing Other Rides


Practice Skills


Ride on the Right in Single File


No Music, Phones or Photos


Avoid Overlapping Wheels


Hydrate & Eat Regularly


Communicating "Car Up" or "Car Back