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Why I PMC - Shayna Silva

By: Shayna Silva

Jul 9, 2020 2:48:46 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Shayna Silva, 20-year volunteer

PMC 2020 is a special milestone for me and my dad, Dave Silva - it’s my 20th year volunteeringPMC.1 and his 25th year riding/volunteering. My dad first joined the PMC to ride for a young girl who later lost her cancer battle. He switched to volunteering, and what started for me as a day volunteering for school credit with him, turned into a 20-year PMC journey. The PMC first hit home for me directly in 2003 with the loss of my Uncle Richard to lung cancer, followed by my Uncle Joe in 2013 to lung cancer, and my Uncle Tom in 2015 to bladder cancer. Following my Uncle Joe’s passing, my dad and I coordinated the Pelham, NH PMC Kids Ride under the Joe’s Patriots team banner for five wonderful years. Over the years, we have pitched tents, parked bikes, and most recently settled into the luggage crew family helping to haul 60+ tons of luggage each year. And of course we always end our day with a great meal before we head out to cheer on the riders coming in at the MMA. Even after all this time, I still get choked up watching them ride in- the magnitude and magic of the PMC never dulls.

While this year is nothing like anyone could have imagined, it isn’t any less special for me and my dad. I decided to become a virtual rider, and took to Facebook with my fundraiser and goal of $2,020 in 2020 for 20 years! My dad and I will be riding up the NH coast on PMC day, August 1, in our own ride to celebrate the day. To me, the PMC is family, friendship, tradition, hope, and love. Even though we won't be able to come together as usual this year, we’ll still fight to get closer by the mile (and next year will be all the sweeter!).PMC.2


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