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Why I PMC - Kathy Lalli - For my Friend Tom

By: Pan-Mass Challenge

May 4, 2018 11:03:00 AM

guest #WhyIPMC blog post by Lakeville Medical Tent volunteer Kathy Lalli

I have been involved with the PMC since my friend Tom Philips introduced me back in 1994. I moved into my neighborhood and Tom was my friends dad. He was in his 70’s , a multiple time cancer survivor and was absolutely contagious when he spoke of the PMC .He was one of the original riders and was probably one of the most enthusiastic participants the PMC has ever had.

(Tom age 66)

(Tom Philips with pedal partner Katie Rose)

 I am a nurse and love to be involved in community. My dearest friend Patsy and I have been volunteering in the medical tent in Lakeville ever since. The people we have met especially our dear friend Carol McKeown who was incidentally the first nurse to be involved in the PMC, keep us coming back year after year. The friendships we have formed are priceless.

 Sadly Tom passed several years ago but our involvement is our way of keeping his passion for the PMC and our dear friends we have lost along the way alive in our hearts. 

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