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Track Riders on PMC Weekend Through the RTRT App

Published Date:   August 05, 2021

Topic:   PMC News, PMC 2021

Track friends, family members or teammates who are riding PMC routes this weekend using the Real-Time Race Tracking (RTRT) app.

rtrt_tracking_iconThe RTRT app uses the chip on each rider's bike tag and the systems at hub sites, waterstops, and photospots to share the rider's progress with notifications in real-time. As long the rider attaches their bike tag properly and slows down to cross each mat, they will be tracked at every start, finish and waterstop entrance and exit. 

To track a rider, use the the RTRT.me app (available for iOS and Android) or the RTRT.me website. Once in the RTRT app:

  • Select 2021 Pan-Mass Challenge
  • Add riders you want to follow. The rider's progress will update each time they cross a mat.
  • Allow push notifications and choose Twitter or email to get a notification each time the rider crosses a mat.
  • Use the map to see your rider's progress across the route as they cross each mat.

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