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How to Track Riders for PMC 2022

Published Date:   August 03, 2022

Topic:   PMC 2022

The Pan-Mass Challenge has introduced a new way to track riders for PMC 2022! Visit track.pmc.org to search for and favorite PMC weekend riders so you can track them on August 6 and 7.

This new tracking resource updates a rider's tracking every 3 minutes while they ride, enabling friends, family members, teammates, volunteers, and staff to better track PMC riders!

What You Need to Know About How to Track Riders

  • Billy-SelectVisit track.pmc.org and bookmark it so you have it easily accessible PMC weekend. You can always find this resource in the main navigation of pmc.org, listed as "Track Riders."

  • On your first visit to track.pmc.org, you will be asked to register. Enter your name and phone number to register and be able to track riders for PMC 2022. A phone number allows the PMC to uniquely identify each person using track.pmc.org and to keep track of their favorites. The PMC will not text you.
  • Search for riders and add them to your favorites by clicking by their name; the filled in star indicates the rider is in your favorites.

  • You can favorite an entire team by searching for the team (example, type in “Team M&T Bank”) and then click the star by the team’s name to favorite all riders on the team.

  • Please note that a rider’s tracking will only work on PMC weekend if they download the TraQCentral app and then start tracking in the app each day that they are riding.
    • If the rider is not using the app, has not started tracking that day, or has not enabled permissions for the app to track, they will not show live tracking at track.pmc.org.
    • People who want to follow riders should not download the TraQCentral app; TraQCentral is only for PMC weekend riders.
  • If you are looking for more information about how to use track.pmc.org, visit pmc.org/rider-tracking#how-to-find-riders.


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