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The 3 Apps You Need for PMC Weekend: Tracking, Photos & PMC 2019 App

By: Pan-Mass Challenge

Jul 31, 2019 6:50:42 PM

We have three very useful apps for you to download for PMC 2019: the Real-Time Race Tracking (RTRT) app, the PMC Photo App powered by Photo Butler, and the PMC 2019 app.

The RTRT app allows you and your supporters to track riders. The PMC Photo App allows you to share and view photos and videos with riders, friends, family, and the rest of the PMC community. The PMC 2019 app allows you to access all of your MyPMC information and the event handbook, call for help during PMC weekend, and manage your fundraising if you are registered as a virtual rider.

You can also access the tracking and photo apps from within the PMC 2019 app.


RTRT app
(iOS & Android)



PMC Photo App
(iOS & Android)



PMC 2019 app
(iOS & Android)


Read on to learn more about each app and for the links to download. All apps are available for iOS and Android.

Real-Time Race Tracking App

We have again partnered with Real-Time Race Tracking to track riders for PMC 2019.

Each rider will receive a bike frame tag that includes a tracking chip and a handlebar tag. As long as each rider attaches their bike tag properly and slow down to cross each mat, they will be tracked at every start, finish and waterstop entrance and exit. The handlebar tag, which has the rider's egift ID printed on it, is in place of the helmet sticker, and is used to identify riders in photos.

To track a rider or your own progress, use the the RTRT.me app (available for iOS and Android) or the RTRT.me website. Share these links with your friends and family who want to track riders. Once in the RTRT app:

  • Select 2019 Pan-Mass Challenge
  • Add riders you want to follow. The rider's progress will update each time they cross a mat.
  • Allow push notifications and choose Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS (web version only) to get a notification each time the rider crosses a mat.
  • Use the map to see your rider's progress across the route as they cross each mat.

PMC Photo App powered by Photo Butler

The PMC Photo App — available for iOS and Android — is great way to share and view photos and videos with friends and family, teammates and the rest of the PMC community.

The Pan-Mass Challenge will use the PMC Photo App to host a group album for the PMC community to share their experiences throughout the weekend from 12 pm Friday to 7:30 pm Sunday. In the PMC community album, you will be able to:

  • Find photos by location, day and moment.
  • Search photos by rider name, rider #, or team name
  • View photos taken by PMC photographers
  • Save favorites to your phone and share directly to Facebook and Instagram with #PMC2019

Please note that there will be additional photographers along the routes taking photos of riders that will be added to the PMC community album.

In addition to the PMC community album, users can create private group albums to share with team members, friends and family. Download the PMC Photo App and help us create a digital keepsake of PMC 2019!

Questions about the PMC Photo App? The PMC Photo App is powered by Photo Butler and all app-related questions should be directed to pmc@photobutler.com.

PMC 2019 App

The PMC app is available for both iOS and Android, and makes depositing fundraising checks, tracking donations, thanking donors, emailing contacts and managing PMC event details fast and easy. You can also access the event handbook from the app.

During PMC weekend, you will be able to call the PMC for help (1-800-WE-CYCLE) from the app. In case of emergencey during the ride, call 911 before calling 1-800-WE-CYCLE.

You will also be able to access the tracking app and photo app from the PMC 2019 app. Please check that you have the latest version of the app (iOS updated as of July 30).

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