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Sidelined by cancer, rider vows to be part of the PMC

Published Date:   June 27, 2011

Topic:   PMC News

The 2011 Pan-Mass Challenge was supposed to mark Andy Seguin's 15th year of cancer survivorship and fifth year riding. He registered in January, contacted his teammates on Team Forza-G, and started sending out his annual fundraising letters. Seguin and his wife even rented a house in Barnstable for the week. Like so many PMCers the first week in August is their most important vacation of the year. Donations started coming in and Seguin was working hard to reach the Heavy Hitter mark for the fourth year. Then in March his plans changed. His cancer came back. Fifteen years later, time for a rematch.  Seguin was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1996, went through radiation treatment, and after a few years of clear scans was given a clean bill of health. But as too many PMCers know, there is no cure for cancer, yet, and Seguin was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma again in March. Seguin has started chemo treatments; there will be 12 in total. His treatment will prohibit him from physically riding that first weekend in August, but his dedication has not faltered. Yes, he will be in the midst of treatment, and yes he will likely feel horrible, but he will be there, a dedicated registered rider. "I am fully committed to my fundraising goal and look forward to proudly wearing my 2011 Jersey and 2011 Living Proof t-shirt," Seguin said.

Seguin proudly wears his PMC jerseys and t-shirts to his cancer treatments.

He will be at the Barnstable water-stop waiting to greet his beloved team and other PMC riders who he has developed relationships with over the years. Seguin still plans on reaching Heavy Hitter status. To read updates on Seguin's treatments, visit his blog . To donate to his ride, click here.

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