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Volunteer Info

Volunteer Info

Why Volunteer?

The PMC would not be possible without the thousands of volunteers who support the event during PMC weekend and throughout the entire year. By volunteering for the PMC, you transform your energy, compassion and encouragement into furthering cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

The PMC is August 7 and 8, 2021. Volunteer registration for PMC 2021 is open to all!

For the safety of our riders, volunteers, and communities, the amenities at PMC 2021 will differ from those of past years in a number of significant ways; read more about what amenities we will and will not provide here. These safety precautions will impact the number of volunteers required this year, as well as volunteers' responsibilities on PMC weekend.

Please note that all volunteers will be required to wear a mask at PMC sites; riders will be required to wear masks when they are not riding. Do not register if you are unwilling to wear a mask for the duration of your volunteer shift.

Read more about changes for PMC 2021 on the blog


Volunteer for the PMC

It takes thousands of volunteers to make the PMC possible. PMC 2021 volunteer registration is open to all!

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Routes & Logistics

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Volunteer Fundraising

In addition to volunteering, many volunteers choose to fundraise as Virtual Riders. A Virtual Rider is someone who supports the PMC’s mission by fundraising. Virtual Riders have no fundraising commitment and have access to all PMC fundraising tools. As a Virtual Rider, you can ride your own long-distance route, log miles over time, or never get on a bike.

Virtual Rider registration will open Spring 2021.

Fundraising Tools

The PMC relies on volunteers like you to meet our annual fundraising goal. We do our best to provide you with the latest fundraising tools so that you can embark on an easy and successful fundraising campaign.

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When does volunteer registration open for the PMC?

PMC 2021 volunteer registration will open to alumni on March 31 at 9 AM and to the general public on April 8 at 9 AM.

I want to volunteer for the PMC but I don’t know where. How can I find out which volunteer opportunities are available?

The PMC needs volunteers before and after PMC weekend, as well as on the weekend itself. All available volunteer positions can be found here while the current year’s registration period is open.

What is the age requirement to be a volunteer for the PMC?

You must at least 13 years old to volunteer for the PMC.

Will I be required to wear a mask to volunteer for the PMC in 2021?

Yes, all volunteers must wear a mask while volunteering during PMC weekend. Riders will also be required to wear masks when off their bikes. You will receive a PMC-branded mask in the mail prior to PMC weekend. While we encourage you to wear your PMC mask, you may wear another mask that meets the PMC's standards. Please do not wear masks with profanity, political statements or graphic images.

Will I be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to volunteer at PMC 2021?

No. We hope you and those with whom you live will get vaccinated against COVID-19, but we will not require it for participation in 2021. Before your volunteer shift on PMC weekend, expect to be asked to verify that you are not experiencing any symptoms common to a COVID-19 infection; see CDC "Symptoms of COVID-19" here.

Will I receive a PMC volunteer t-shirt?

Yes, each volunteer will have a PMC 2021 volunteer t-shirt, a name tag, and a PMC-branded mask mailed to you a few weeks before PMC weekend. Please make sure your t-shirt size and your mailing address are correct in the PMC registration system. If you need to exchange your t-shirt for a different size, you should email volunteer@pmc.org no later than a week before PMC weekend.

I can't find my usual volunteer shift in the registration system. Why not?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PMC has adjusted a number of volunteer shifts to reflect different activities for 2021. For example, the fact that we are offering riders single-serve food and beverage items means we don't have the same food prep opportunities for volunteers this summer. In addition, to maintain social distancing at all PMC sites, the number of volunteer positions has also been reduced. If you do not find the volunteer shift that you expected, we encourage you to explore some of our other sites and positions.

Can I help pack rider registration kits at the PMC offices this summer?

No, we will not have registration packing in 2021 as we will be mail rider and volunteer kits through a third-party supplier. This allows riders to receive everything they need in advance of their ride and eliminates the need for in-person registration check-in on PMC weekend.

Can I register to volunteer onsite PMC weekend?

No. Only volunteers who register online prior to June 30 will be able to volunteer at PMC 2021.

My family isn't volunteering but wants to hang out for a bit at my site with me, is this okay?

No. Only registered volunteers and riders will be allowed at PMC sites this summer – no guests – so that we can keep the sites as lightly populated as possible and allow for maximum social distancing.

My family wants to volunteer, can I register everyone under my name?

Each volunteer will need to register through their own account so we have their information on file, including their signatures on the PMC waiver and volunteer agreement. For anyone under 18, a parent or legal guardian will need to sign the waiver and agreement on their behalf. Each volunteer must select a volunteer shift and complete registration through their own account. If your family wants to volunteer together, make sure there are enough shifts available at that site before signing up.

Can I volunteer if I can't stay for the full shift?

No. Please only register for a position if you are able to stay for the full duration of your shift. Volunteers who arrive late or leave early increase the burden on their fellow volunteers and negatively impact the experience for riders. If, after registering, you have a conflict that will make it impossible for you to stay for the duration of your shift, please email volunteer@pmc.org and we can cancel your shift for you.

Contact Us

Check out additional FAQs at pmc.org/faqs

If you have additional questions about volunteering for the Pan-Mass Challenge, please contact PMC Volunteer Coordinator Justine Darmanian.

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