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Volunteer Info

Volunteer Info

PMC 2020 Reimagined

We are so grateful to all PMC volunteers for their unwavering commitment to the PMC! While we won’t have the traditional ride this year, we implore each volunteer to take on a new role in PMC 2020 Reimagined, fundraising as a virtual rider. The PMC has always been – and it remains – a vehicle for people to come together to do good. This year “Commit, you’ll figure it out” is more important than ever.

Also, if you are planning on supporting any PMC rider(s) on their PMC 2020 Reimagined, please:

1. Support your rider(s) in a safe, legal and self-reliant manner

2. Avoid large gatherings

3. Follow all public health regulations and guidance for your area

4. If the ride you are supporting includes any part of the traditional PMC routes, be a good neighbor to the 47 towns who support the PMC each year. Among other things, this means:

a. do not congregate at the starts, finishes, or waterstops normally used by the PMC

b. ask your riders to consider riding on a day other than August 1st and 2nd to avoid towns becoming overwhelmed by PMCers

5. Understand that the PMC cannot and will not provide any support to riders and volunteers, and that the PMC is not liable for anything that happens as a result of your activities.

Remember: Mission First, Ride Smart, Ride Safe.

Volunteer Fundraising

In addition to volunteering, many volunteers choose to fundraise as Virtual Riders. A Virtual Rider is someone who supports the PMC’s mission by fundraising. Virtual Riders have no fundraising commitment and have access to all PMC fundraising tools. As a Virtual Rider, you can ride your own long-distance route, log miles over time, or never get on a bike.

Become a Virtual Rider

Fundraising Tools

The PMC relies on volunteers like you to meet our annual fundraising goal. We do our best to provide you with the latest fundraising tools so that you can embark on an easy and successful fundraising campaign.

View Fundraising Tools


Please contact PMC Volunteer Coordinator Justine Darmanian if you have questions about volunteering for the Pan-Mass Challenge.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator