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Why I PMC - Nicole Merhill

By: Nicole Merhill

Aug 2, 2018 3:13:00 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Nicole Merhill; 1st-year Living Proof rider and Team FORZA-G member

Nicole Merhill PMCIn August 2016, I received the news that no one wants to hear — cancer.  Meighan, my work colleague, and long-term PMC rider was one of the first people I contacted after my diagnosis.  She immediately connected me with Suzanne Merritt and Betsy Bowman, two of her Forza-G PMC Living Proof teammates.  As I entered into the long road of surgery and treatment, Meighan rode the PMC for me in 2016 and 2017.  Betsy sent me her beautiful silk scarves when I lost my hair, and Sue ended up being a lifeline for me during treatment, as she had received the same treatment just a few years prior.  She answered my texts in the middle of the night and coached me through my darkest hours of treatment and recovery. This was all from people who had never met me! I quickly learned that this is what PMC is all about... always paying it forward, alwaysgiving back, and always pushing to find a cure.

PMC Nicole Merhill Sue MerrittIn May of 2017, I attended a PMC event and met Betsy and Sue in person for the first time! To say it was an emotional moment is an understatement. At that point, I was one month out of radiation and physically felt like I was in no shape to even contemplate riding in the PMC. Sue knew better though and quietly said to me, “you’ll ride with me next year.” While I laughed in that moment, those words never left my mind.  Three months later, in August 2017, I went down to Bourne to meet up with Sue before Her ride on Day 2.  At that point, I was hooked. Three weeks later, I bought my first road bike and one month after that I completed my first ride with many of my Forza-G teammates.

The Forza-G team has been AWESOME! They coached me through my first long ride and encouraged me when I expressed my fear of using click-in pedals! Most importantly, the PMC and Forza-G have given me hope - it challenged me by pushing me out of my comfort zone and provided me with a healthy outlet to work through the aftermath of cancer treatment and recovery.  

Team Forza-G
Thank you PMC for making such a huge impact on my life! 

PMC at Fenway Nicole Merhill

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