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Why I PMC - Erin Hall

Published Date:   June 08, 2022

Topic:   #WHYIPMC, #PMC2022

#WhyIPMC, guest blog by Erin Hall - 1st year rider

Cancer knows no bounds. I lost my grandmother to cancer in the winter of 2020. My grandfather
has also battled and survived his cancer diagnosis for several years now. My grandmotherIMG_8547
displayed admirable stoicism and bravery throughout her battle with cancer. My grandfather has demonstrated perseverance and strength as his life has changed drastically following his cancer diagnosis. As a triathlete, I have always considered participating in the PMC as it would give me a chance to do something I enjoy - which is ride my bike. However, in light of the events of recent years including the passing of my grandmother and the challenges that my grandfather has
faced, I cannot think of a better time to participate in the PMC and positively contribute to a cause that will benefit so many. Finding ways to contribute to others by giving time and effort has served as a foundation for me throughout both my collegiate ice hockey career as well as my professional ice hockey experience and I am confident that participating in the PMC will allow me to continue my commitment to these principles.

Since this will be my first time riding in the PMC, I am hoping to honor my grandmother’s life
IMG_8546by surpassing my fundraising goal in order to further cancer research so that losing a loved one to cancer is merely a thing of the past. As a pediatric nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, my immediate focus is on how I can help patients in their greatest moments of need. Similarly, my goal for participating in the PMC is to help patients indirectly by continuing to raise awareness
and funding. As a nurse, I have been able to witness the inspirational strength that all kinds of patients possess and I am excited at the prospect of being able to ride alongside both cancer survivors and patients. Although I cannot bring my grandmother back, I can model the bravery she showed in her diagnosis to fuel my ride! Here’s to getting a little bit closer to finding a cure for cancer! 

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