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Why I PMC- Bob Fortin

By: Pan-Mass Challenge

Aug 11, 2017 12:43:00 PM

Why I ride..... Thursday while on my morning training ride I happened to flat on a particularly rough portion of roadway. No worries, I changed the flat and continued on my ride. Unfortunately, a few miles more down the road I flatted yet again. I had used by spare tube, my CO2 and seemed pretty stuck. Since it was early, I was contemplating how long i would have to wait until one of my friends would be awake and willing to come get me. I was ready to send the email and start the 10ish mile walk back to my office in Manchester, NH where I had started. Just as I was about to press send on my text, I heard a sweet voice from a van at the stop sign I was parked. That voice said, "Go PMC". I was wearing one of my PMC jerseys and it caught the attention of Sarah DeLude Muncey while she was on her way to work. I looked inside the van and immediately recognized her red 'Heavy Hitter' windbreaker. Without hesitation, Sarah turned her van around, opened the rear door of her van and drove me back to my starting point. She went at least 20 miles out of her way to help a fellow PMC rider. Sarah's selfless act is yet another reason Why I Ride the PMC.... Thanks Sarah, you are my savior. 
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