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They Don't Call It A Challenge For Nothing – PMC Fun Facts

Published Date:   May 24, 2023

Topic:   Sponsor News, Heavy Hitters

Did You Know?

The first PMC in 1980 raised $10,200. Fast forward more than 40+ years, the 2022 ride had about 1,680 riders who raised that or more, individually! This year riders who raise over $10,000 (the 2023 PMC Heavy Hitter level) will receive a pair of OOFOS Heavy Hitter Slides as a thank yOO for your effort.

To illustrate how large the PMC has become, in 2023 riders will drink more water during PMC weekend than it takes to fill the ice rink at the Boston Garden, and eat more energy bars and pouches than there are wild turkeys in Massachusetts!

All this spent energy puts stress on your body. Learn how OOFOS’ proprietary technology can help you recover, so instead of feeling fatigue, pain, and tightness, you are left feeling recharged.

More Fun Facts About PMC Weekend

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