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The Impact of PMC Funds on Dana-Farber's Progress in 2017 - Dr. Laurie Glimcher

Published Date:   April 10, 2017

Topic:   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dear PMCers,  

I am honored to share details about how your monumental work drives discovery at Dana-Farber and continues to make this one of the most remarkable partnerships in the nation. The PMC has now given more than $547 million to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since 1980 and continues to raise more money for charity than any other athletic event in the country. What an incredible achievement! I recognize that it took enormous effort from every rider, volunteer, sponsor, and supporter to reach this extraordinary level of support for our research.  On behalf of our patients and families, thank you.  

The 2016 ride was one of my first experiences as the incoming President and CEO of Dana-Farber, providing me with the opportunity to witness your passionate and dedicated supporters in action. This ride and the people I met along the way truly left me thrilled to step into this leadership position.  

Dana-Farber is so very fortunate to partner with the PMC and we are leveraging the funds you raise to further our mission to reduce the burden of cancer. With consistent support on such an impressive scale, the PMC has played a pivotal role in nearly every advancement made at Dana-Farber over the past three decades. 

Leading the Way in Research: This is an amazing time in cancer medicine. Physician-scientists know more each day about the underlying causes of disease and are pursuing novel therapies. The PMC provides flexible funding that supports Dana-Farber’s most pressing needs and drives our leadership across disease areas and initiatives. 

Providing Comprehensive Patient Care: Thanks to the incredible commitment of everyone involved with the PMC, Dana-Farber can continue to provide compassionate care to address the complete needs of our patients and their families during treatment and survivorship.  

Bridging the Funding Gap: In this challenging federal funding climate, philanthropy fills a critical gap. Our partnership with the PMC enables us to direct funds to priority programs that need them the most and allows physician-scientists to pursue their most promising, innovative research.  

  • Supporting New Ideas: Junior-level investigators often need support to bring their fresh perspectives and budding ideas into fruition. PMC support is used to encourage researchers to continue pushing the envelope in cancer science.
  • Providing Hope: Rare cancers and aggressive forms of disease often attract less funding, but are areas where new treatment options are desperately needed. Philanthropy provides the resources investigators need to better understand these cancers.  

Enabling Critical Enhancements: We rely on PMC dollars to make enhancements across our campus that help us stay on the cutting-edge of progress. It is hard to believe that Dana-Farber began as a small basement laboratory started by Sidney Farber, MD, and supported by two assistants. Fueled by the PMC, we have continually expanded to accommodate our growing research programs, clinics, and more than 4,500 faculty members and staff. 

As these highlights demonstrate, ours is a truly remarkable partnership that is integral to our work at Dana-Farber. Please know how grateful I am for your passionate dedication, which has been critical to our progress. I am so very excited to ride with you all again soon, and to continue working together toward our shared mission. Not unlike a 192-mile ride, the challenges ahead in cancer medicine are formidable but not insurmountable. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of PMC riders, volunteers, and all supporters, the future of Dana-Farber and cancer care is bright.

President and CEO 
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

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