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All Provincetown Riders to Finish at the Monument Finish in 2021

Published Date:   March 04, 2021

Topic:   PMC News

The PMC is consolidating its two Provincetown finish areas on Sunday, August 8. Specifically, all Provincetown riders will finish their PMC route at the Monument Finish.

A number of factors went into this decision, but chief among them were rider safety and convenience. Please read the FAQs below, for further details, and you can contact us at panmass@pmc.org or 781-449-5300 with any questions. 

  1. Where will riders who registered for the Provincetown Inn finish in 2021? For 2021 only, we have consolidated finish sites: All Provincetown riders will finish at the PMC’s Monument Finish on Winslow Street, adjacent to the iconic Pilgrim Monument.
  2. Why did the PMC make this change? After carefully reviewing our total numbers allowed, logistical challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and site-specific considerations, this is the safest and most convenient decision for all riders this year.
  3. Is riding to the Monument Finish a very different route? No, the two routes are 99% identical, with the only difference being in the last mile. The Monument Finish route profile and GPX file are available here.
  4. So there will be no PMC finish line or services at the Provincetown Inn? Correct. All PMC services for riders – your “to go” lunch, bathrooms, and your luggage (if we transported it) – will be available at the Monument Finish.
  5. Will you be serving beer at the Monument Finish? No, we aren’t serving any alcohol at this summer’s PMC.
  6. Can I still ride to the Provincetown Inn and then go to the Monument Finish? Yes. Province Lands Road between Route 6 and the Provincetown Inn is open to the public, but the PMC will not have any traffic control on that road nor any presence at the Inn this year. If you ride to the Inn, do not go into the parking lot. Please help us preserve our relationship with the Inn for 2022 by not using their property or facilities this summer.
  7. Can I shower and change out of my riding kit at the Monument Finish? We’ll have male and female changing tents available, but health and safety precautions mean we can’t offer showers this year. There will be a maximum capacity inside each changing tent to maintain proper social distancing.
  8. I’m taking a ferry back to Boston; how will I get there? The Provincetown ferry docks are an easy 7-minute walk from the Monument Finish; that’s 1.5 miles closer than walking from the Provincetown Inn.
  9. I’m planning to have a car pick me up Provincetown; where should they go? The most convenient spot for you and your driver will be a parking lot near the finish. We’ll confirm the exact location by the time we print our PMC 2021 Event Handbook in June.
  10. If I registered for the Provincetown Inn Finish, do I need to change my PMC 2021 registration to Monument Finish? No, we’ll make that change for you.
  11. If someone I know wants to ride to Provincetown this year, should they register for Monument Finish? Yes, it’s the only registration option available for a Provincetown route in 2021.
  12. Will the PMC finish at the Provincetown Inn next year? Yes.
  13. Will my family and friends be allowed inside the Monument Finish this year? No. For the safety of our riders, volunteers and neighboring abutters, please do not encourage guests to meet you at the Monument Finish. Unlike 2019, only registered riders and volunteers will be allowed into the finish area.

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