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A Message from Billy Starr: 2022 PMC Weekend Wrap-Up

Published Date:   August 08, 2022

Topic:   PMC 2022

Dear PMC riders and volunteers,

Thank you all for participating in the 43rd PMC weekend. We are back in the saddle. I will not pretend that it was easy on any of us – not that PMC is supposed to be easy! Returning to being the well-oiled machine that described us pre-pandemic is the goal. It is not yet the reality. The heat and humidity place 2022 as one of the top 3 brutal heat rides of all time, along with 1983 and 1988 where temps were 98 on Saturday, and 96 on Sunday. Our Babson College volunteer team endured 100-degree heat and thunderstorms for all 4 days! All this to say that the volunteers nobly did what they do – fulfill their jobs as best as possible with the resources available. That they do so is admirable and motivating. We had 2,700 of them this year. In 2019 we had 4,000. There’s the challenge and we will meet it.

Now, regarding the riding portion of the weekend again….challenging but satisfying. Medical issues were, largely, heat exhaustion which was to be expected in this weather. I saw only smiles through the waves of heat radiating off the pavement. Thank you all for your tremendous attitude, commitment and perseverance.

As of today, fundraising stands at $47 million; our goal is $66 million. Lets collectively turn that crank and fulfill our mission. Our check presentation will be at Encore Boston Harbor on November 12. More about that later. And please fill out your rider and volunteer surveys coming later this week – we will rely on them to make PMC 2023 even better.

Closer by the Mile,


Billy Starr
Founder & Executive Director

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