Tools & Tips

The PMC relies on riders, virtual riders, and corporate sponsors to meet our annual fundraising goal. We do our best to provide you with the latest fundraising tools so that you can embark on an easy and successful fundraising campaign.  Here are some tips for your PMC fundraising campaign:

Customize your PMC Profile Page
Each rider automatically has a PMC Profile.  To customize your profile page, just login and go to your profile page and click on EDIT PROFILE, then:

  • Edit your settings
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Upload your picture(s)
  • Edit your story

Use MyPMC to manage all aspects of your fundraising. You can do everything within your MyPMC dashboard- customize your profile page, personalize and send out emails, track your donations, manage your contacts and more. Please refer to this how-to video for a step by step guide.

 Download and use the PMC iPhone App

The app is a simple yet powerful fundraising tool that makes it easy to ask, track, and thank your donors. The app can use your profile picture and story to send out custom email solicitations to your previous donors and contacts from your phone. Simply download the PMC iPhone App and use it to ask your previous and prospective supporters to donate. The app tracks your requests, notifies you when a donation is received and makes it easy to thank your donors. 

Fundraising Emails and Letters
For more information about fundraising emails and letters, click here.

Donation Page Link
To direct your sponsors to the donation page with your name already populated, you can use the following link with your Egift ID filled in at the end:

Fundraising Transfers
Riders are welcome to transfer fundraising dollars from their accounts to other riders! Please email us to request this and include your name, the name of the rider you would like to transfer funds to and the amount of the transfer. Any transfers from the team account must be requested by the team captain.

Allocations to 2018
Any donations that are dated between our check presentation (November 11th, 2017) and the end of the year (December 31st, 2017) can be applied to the following year upon request. Please email us by the January 31st, 2018 deadline to make this request as it is a manual process and must be recorded before we close our books for the year. Please be sure to include the date and sponsor name of the donations that you would like credited to 2018.

International Donors
Have international donors who are looking to support your ride? They can donate online! If they put in our zip code (02494), they should be able to fill out all other fields.

PMC Logos
Feel free to use PMC logos in your fundraising materials. To download them, click here.

Use PMC note cards for your Fundraising Letter or Thank You notes 
Every year the PMC designs a note card. The back of the card contains facts on the PMC and instructions on how to donate. Note cards come 25 to a pack and may be ordered at the PMC store.

Customized Return Address Labels
You may order return address labels with the PMC, Jimmy Fund, and Red Sox logos. They are $3 per sheet, 30 labels per sheet. To order labels, click here. 
                 Style one: PMC logo 
                 Style two: Jimmy Fund logo 
                 Style three: PMC/Red Sox logos

Fundraising Parties
Click here for more information about Fundraising Parties. To book a fundraising event at one of our preferred hosptality locations (Loretta’s Last Call, The Lansdowne Pub, Bill’s Bar, and Back Bay Social Club), click here.  We recommend using Eventbrite for your event management, planning and ticketing.

Promote yourself in your local paper or radio  
Let the media know that you’re participating and why. Local media outlets are very receptive to hearing about the lives of the residents in their communities. Our Marketing team, led by Bill Alfano, is happy to help.

Using Facebook 
We recommend directly linking to your PMC profile and/or eGift page in your Facebook profile or in a note or group.  We do not recommend using the "Causes" application because it deducts a 5% fee from the donation.

Promote your ride with local merchants 
Ask local merchants if you may hang up a sheet promoting your PMC ride.  Include a description of the PMC, a picture of yourself, your reasons for riding the PMC, the PMC website address ( and information on how to sponsor you. Offer to have the names of local merchants printed on a riding jersey or t-shirt that you will wear at some point on PMC weekend. 

Organize a Spin-a-thon at a Health Club 
Does your health club offer spin classes? Talk with the manager and arrange a spin-a-thon to benefit your fundraising. Talk with your favorite instructors and perhaps they would be willing to donate their time to teach the class. 

Custom T-Shirts
At you can create and sell a custom-designed t-shirt to promote your ride/your team, then thru t-shirt purchases and additional donations from friends, family and other supporters --- you can raise money that will be credited to your personal or PMC team goal. 

Use the PMC Classifieds
Boost your fundraising with the PMC Classifieds!

  • Sell an old bike (or anything else in your garage) 
  • Advertise your own fundraising event 
  • Be creative and offer services in the “FUNDRAISING OFFERS” section 

Your Company 
Ask your company to support you. Talk to your boss or human resources director.  See if your company will donate a large corporate contribution, match everything you raise, sponsor a fundraising event, publicize your ride in the company newsletter and/or sponsor a corporate team.

Donation in lieu of gifts 
For a special occasion, ask that a donation be made to your PMC account.