Training & Fundraising Together

Train together, raise money as a group, and ride the weekend as a PMC team. Anyone can form a team.

  • Team members must register individually.
  • The team captain should contact Jessica with the team name. All team names need to be appropriate as we have lots of families and young children involved on PMC weekend.
  • The team captain will be notified by email when the team has been added to the PMC database with instructions on Team Management and Team Profiles. Captains are responsible for adding riders to their team through Team Management.
  • Each team member is responsible for reaching their fundraising minimum for their chosen route by the fundraising deadline of October 1, 2019.
  • We encourage all riders to go off the line wearing the official PMC Rider Jersey on Day 1. After that, many teams don their "Team Colors." Primal will donate 15% of team jersey orders back to your team's fundraising. Click Here for more details.

Through the "Manage Team" link, the captain will have the ability to add and remove team members, monitor fundraising totals, and send emails to individuals or the entire team. Through the "Team Profile" link, the captain will have the ability to tell the team story, add pictures and set team fundraising goals. By sending sponsors the link to this page, they will have the ability to donate online to the team account.

Teams may continue to add members until July 15, 2019. Teams are also eligible to adopt a PMC Pedal Partner. Visit the Pedal Partner page for more information about this program.

Heavy Hitter teams are listed in the PMC yearbook, which is published at the end of the year and sent to all PMC participants, volunteers, and corporate sponsors. Teams are not required to be Heavy Hitter teams.

A PMC Team will be considered a Heavy Hitter team when the following criteria are met:

  • Heavy Hitter Teams must have at least five members.
  • Heavy Hitter Teams must raise the Heavy Hitter minimum ($8,500 average per rider) as a group. Everyone on the team's fundraising will count towards the total, but will only be divided by the number of Saturday and Two-Day riders (not Sunday One-Day and Virtual Riders). For example, a 10 member team – 7 Saturday and Two-Day Riders and 3 Sunday One-Day Riders – raises $60,000. The calculation would be $60,000 ÷ 7 = $8,571.
  • Each Heavy Hitter team member must submit his or her own fundraising minimum by the fundraising deadline.