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Official PMC Jersey

The Official PMC 2024 Jersey

Produced by Primal, the official PMC 2024 jersey will be given to all PMC weekend riders on PMC weekend and will be shipped to PMC Reimagined Riders.

Be one in a billion and ride PMC 2024!

Since 1980, the PMC has raised $972 million, positioning the organization to cross a monumental $1 billion in cumulative fundraising for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in 2024.

The jersey is not for sale and is only available to registered riders.

Shop the PMC 2024 Ride Collection

The collection, which complements the Official PMC 2024 jersey, is available for pre-sale only. The first round of pre-order sales (orders placed by February 19, 2024) will ship to riders by the end of April.

Questions? Contact us at panmass@pmc.org or 781-449-5300.


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