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Facebook Fundraisers


The Pan-Mass Challenge has partnered with Facebook to make fundraising through Facebook easier than ever! It is now possible to link your PMC profile page directly to a Facebook Fundraiser. Donations made to your Facebook Fundraiser will immediately be credited to your PMC fundraising and your fundraising total on your Facebook Fundraising and on your PMC profile page will sync.

Why should you connect your PMC profile page to a Facebook Fundraiser?

  • Facebook prioritizes its own features so your Facebook friends are more likely to see your Facebook Fundraiser in their newsfeed than if you were to simply share your PMC profile page link.
  • There are no fees for donating to Facebook Fundraisers, allowing the PMC to maintain 100 percent pass-through of all rider-raised dollars to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • This is a new way to augment your existing fundraising efforts. It’s simple to set up, so start now!

Getting Started

How to Get Started with Facebook Fundraisers

1. Log into your PMC account and go to your Manage page.

2. Click Create to start the process. If you have not yet personalized your profile page, update it before starting a fundraiser! Add a photo, write why you’re participating in the PMC, and set your fundraising goal. All of this information, as well as your current fundraising total, will be pushed to your Facebook Fundraiser exactly as it appears on your PMC profile page.

3. Click Continue with Facebook and log into your Facebook account. You must give Facebook permission to manage your Fundraiser; if you decline to give Facebook permission, your Fundraiser cannot be created.

4. Once logged into Facebook, click Create Fundraiser.

5. Your Facebook Fundraiser is live! Now view the fundraiser on Facebook and make any edits to it, such as changing or adjusting your photo. Invite your Facebook Friends to your Fundraiser and begin fundraising on Facebook!

What You Need to Know About Your Facebook Fundraiser

  • Notifications. You will be immediately notified when a donation is made through your Facebook Fundraiser! (Download the PMC App for iOS or Android and turn on notifications.)
  • Fundraising Total. Your existing fundraising total will show up on your Facebook Fundraiser. Your fundraising total, as displayed on your PMC profile page, will update to reflect Facebook Fundraiser donations after a brief delay.
  • Donor Information. Donors who have already given to you via the PMC will not display on Facebook. Donors who give via Facebook will display in your PMC account but will not show on your PMC profile page. Your profile page will display the total raised through your Facebook Fundraiser.
    When logged into your PMC account, your Facebook donors will initially show up as a Facebook Fundraiser donation (not by the donor’s name), but this will update as soon as the PMC receives this information from Facebook (within three business days).
    If you want to allow your Facebook friends and donors to see your PMC profile page, include a link to it in your Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Updates to Your PMC Profile Page. When you update your PMC profile page, these changes will not be applied to Facebook. If you would like to apply these changes to your Facebook Fundraiser, copy them from your profile page and paste them to your Facebook Fundraiser.



How do I connect my PMC profile page with a Facebook Fundraiser?

Log into your PMC account, visit your Manage page, and click Create to set up your Facebook Fundraiser.

You must grant Facebook permission to manage your Fundraiser. If you decline to give Facebook permission, your Fundraiser cannot be created.

If you have not recently updated your PMC profile page, first add a photo, write why you’re participating in the PMC, and set your fundraising goal; all of this information will populate your Facebook Fundraiser.

Why was my Facebook Fundraiser not created?

If you declined to give Facebook permission to manage your Fundraiser, your Fundraiser cannot be created. To correct this:

How is creating a Facebook Fundraiser different than just posting a link to my PMC profile page on Facebook?
Facebook prioritizes its own features, so your Facebook Friends are more likely to see your Facebook Fundraiser than a link to your profile page. Your Facebook Fundraiser is dynamic and will sync with your PMC profile page; your Facebook Fundraiser total will update as donors give both via Facebook and via the PMC, including at pmc.org, by check, by matching gifts, etc.

What is connected between my PMC profile page and my Facebook Fundraiser?
When you connect your PMC profile page to a Facebook Fundraiser, your photo, story, goal and fundraising total will be populated on your Facebook Fundraiser. Your PMC fundraising total will be shared to Facebook but your donors will not be; only donors who give directly through Facebook will display on Facebook.

What data will Facebook receive once I connect my PMC profile page to Facebook Fundraisers?
When connecting your personal fundraising page to a Facebook Fundraiser, Facebook receives information on the campaign you are fundraising for and your personal story from your PMC profile page at the time of the connection. Facebook also receives updates on the total funds you have raised in order to keep the total on your Facebook Fundraiser synced to the total on your PMC profile page. Facebook does not receive information about donors who donate through your PMC profile page.

I updated my story or photo on my PMC profile. Will it update on my Facebook Fundraiser as well?
No. Following the creation of your Facebook Fundraiser, updates to your story or photograph on your personal page will not be reflected on your Facebook Fundraiser. This allows you to tailor content appropriately in either location.

How do I make changes to my Facebook Fundraiser?
On your Facebook Fundraiser, click More and then Edit Fundraiser to update your Facebook Fundraiser title, photo, description, end date, or goal. Please note that editing your goal will not reduce your PMC fundraising commitment.

 Is my Facebook Fundraiser public?
Yes, Facebook Fundraisers are public, so anyone on or off Facebook can see them. Only people on Facebook can donate.

When will my Facebook Fundraiser end?

All PMC Facebook Fundraisers are scheduled to conclude at the end of the calendar year. All donations to the PMC in the calendar year will be credited to riders’ fundraising and be part of the annual gift to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Click Edit Fundraiser on your Facebook Fundraiser to change the end date.

When a Facebook Fundraiser ends, you can still view, share and post in the fundraiser. However, ending a Fundraiser will prevent any further donations and invites.

What if I previously create a Facebook Fundraiser on Facebook and now want to link it to my PMC profile page?
It is not possible to link your PMC profile page to an existing Facebook Fundraiser. If you already have a Facebook Fundraiser that you are using to fundraise for the PMC, please end it and then start a new Facebook Fundraiser through your PMC Manage page. The new Facebook Fundraiser will be linked to your PMC fundraising, where previous Fundraisers are tied to the PMC’s general fund.

How do I set up a team Facebook Fundraiser?
Only PMC team captains have the ability to set up team Facebook Fundraisers in addition to their own Facebook Fundraiser.

When a team captain sets up a Team Facebook Fundraiser, the fundraising total that will display on Facebook will be the amount raised in the team account and the sum of all team members’ fundraising. 

Why can I can see my donor’s name on Facebook, but on my PMC profile page it is shown as “Facebook Fundraiser?”
Donations made through your Facebook Fundraiser will display on your PMC profile page as a total attributed to "Facebook Fundraisers." When you are logged into your PMC account, you will be able to see the donor's name. The donor will initially display as "Facebook Fundraiser" in your donation view, but once the donor’s name is shared from Facebook to the PMC, you will see the donor’s name in your PMC account.

Do donations still go to the Pan-Mass Challenge if people donate through my Facebook Fundraiser?
Yes, 100 percent of all PMC rider-raised dollars go to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute whether donations are made via Facebook or pmc.org. There are no fees to donate through a Facebook Fundraiser.

Will donors to my Facebook Fundraiser receive a receipt?
When someone makes a donation through a Facebook Fundraiser, a receipt is sent to the primary email associated with the donor’s Facebook account.

What if I have additional questions about Facebook Fundraisers?
Contact the PMC at panmass@pmc.org or 781-449-5300.