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Why I PMC- Steve Galante

By: Pan-Mass Challenge

Jul 24, 2017 2:41:00 PM

Guest post by Steve Galante 

My name is Steve Galante and this year I will ride in my 9th PMC. I wait all year long for PMC Weekend as it is truly my favorite days of the year!  As always, I ride for my mother, Corinne Galante.  I ride my bike almost every day or nearly 9,000 miles a year; so you can say I am very passionate about riding a bike however the PMC, for me, is not just another bike ride.  At first the PMC was to honor Mom and contribute to her cause.  After Mom’s passing in 2011, my PMC involvement deepened and it gave me a voice where I had been otherwise helpless.  I always think back to a quote by Billy Starr, founder of the PMC, "So many people began their PMC journey in an effort to process their own loss and to transform it into something positive".

The PMC has given me purpose in fighting each year to support those impacted by cancer.  The PMC has helped me heal in the wake of my Mother’s passing.  The PMC has helped me become the father, husband, friend, employee and person that I want to be.  

The PMC experience is something that keeps me grounded and pushing forward in this fight.  I've learned so much along this journey over the last decade, so much about myself and so much about the generosity and kindness of the family and friends that I have around me.  Without them by my side, none of what we have been able to accomplish would be possible. 

In all, I love this event and everything that it stands for.

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