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Why I PMC- Joe Galluzzo- Together We Can

By: Pan-Mass Challenge

Jul 24, 2017 1:10:00 PM

Guest blog by Joe Galluzzo  - "The following words and thoughts are either direct quotations of or my thoughts as inspired by Jeremy Harrington, OFM." - joe galluzo

Together we can

We are family.   

We live in a very competitive, and sometimes heartless world. Often, at odds with one another and sometimes even violent.  All of this can be very discouraging.  But I have hope, and I think most of you do as well.  It is a hope rooted in the understanding that, alone, I can accomplish little (if anything), but in unison with all people and all creation, anything is achievable.  This is not my vision, not your vision, but the Vision of One far superior to anything I could ever be.  But in this Vision is inspiration.  Out of this inspiration, hope grows.  Out of this hope, an action is taken, and by this action, this world becomes a better place for all.   

Parents nurture their children; husbands and wives cooperate to deepen their love for one another and their children and families; friends support each other in all things. But individually the fruits of these actions, while still positive and beneficial, pale in comparison to a more substantial and collective effort of the many.  Together, we must all "try" as if everything depended on “only me” for in our individual efforts held together by genuine concern and compassion foe others will the Vision be fulfilled.   

I have learned that I must leave the comfort of my little world to make a difference.  Each day my alarm goes off 4:30 AM not because I like getting out of the comfort of my own bed so early, but because I feel compelled to get on my bike and get in my training in anticipation of the big ride –the PMC.

The PMC brings such a diverse group of people together for the single largest athletic based fundraising event the world has ever seen.  Camaraderie and goodwill are so evident; differences are put aside; the young reach out to and support the old; the old provide counsel and wisdom to the young; the challenged are encouraged and lifted up; the strong lend their strength to the weak -all for the sole purpose of raising the funding needed not to just battle cancer, but to defeat it once and for all.  And God willing, we will do just that.   

Each of us is unique, special, and precious with our individual identity, ethnic heritage, and economic standing. But in the Vision, we are family.  We were placed here as unique individuals to assist in changing the world.  The “we are family” is so evident at each PMC.   

The Vision is calling us to unity gives hope to all of us that we may, together, overcome great odds.  While hostilities of all sorts and magnitude discourage, and we understand that we have a long way to go, the Vision provides us hope, and the hope is what brings us together.  

My family and friends, for those who have already placed their confidence in me (and/or my team –the Pedaling Paesans) by supporting my (our) ride in goodwill, encouragement, prayer and donations, and for those of you who have not yet, but will support my (our) ride and the PMC, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Please know that 100% of very dollar contributed to a rider or team goes directly to the PMC fund and eventually on to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.   

As I do each year, in addition to honoring an individual for their heroism in the face of a daunting foe, I carry an “Honor Roll” with me over the 200 mile trek.  The Honor Roll is a compilation of all those presently in the fight against cancer.  So if you have a loved one or friend you’d like me to carry with me over my journey from Sturbridge to Provincetown, please forward me her/his name.  I will gladly add her/his name to the Honor Roll and pray for her/him with every pedal stroke.    

Honor Roll 2016

Jeff Gealow

Jack Pierce

Tony Cappuccia 

Bob Patterson 

Sherry Lister 

Kathy Buckley 

Steve Paone 

Nancy Thresher  

The PMC is less than 3 weeks away.  I do hope I can count on your support. 





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