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Why I PMC - Gary Count

Published Date:   May 16, 2023

Topic:   Why I PMC, #WHYIPMC, #PMC2023

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Gary Count, 27-year rider, Team Patriots Platelet Pedalers
This is my 27th year riding the PMC. When I first started riding the PMC, I had no relatives with cancer. The idea of riding 192 miles with the benefit of raising money for cancer research was a win win situation.
Since then, I have lost a cousin and my Mom to cancer. I have friends now who are amazing cancer survivors. A lot changes in 27 years.
This country and the world need one less scourge. Whatever I can do to eliminate the dreaded cancer diagnosis is all the motivation I need. The lives of my grandchildren is motivation. My commitment is for them. 


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