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Why I PMC - Ed Shapiro

By: Ed Shapiro

May 6, 2020 6:18:04 PM

#WhyIPMC guest blog by Ed Shapiro, Living Proof, 1st-year rider

Although, I have been a Cyclist  for the past 40 years this is the 1st year I will be riding  the PMC. Like many of you,  the scourge of cancer has either threatened me personally or someone near and dear to me. Indeed, on the day I registered to ride this year's PMC, 2 close friends related to me ongoing battles with the disease. Wilder Mid April (3)

As a survivor myself(Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, diagnosed in 1998, 22 year survivor), I know the full range of emotions related to it: from life changing fear to the resolute grit to fight that emerges from seemingly nowhere. Mt Bike Ft Ord bike crew

Since that time 22 years ago, I make the effort to look upon each day with gratitude.

An event like PMC  allows me to express that gratitude,  doing something I love as well as to helping end something I hate.   Eddie on School Road (2)

Last Friday, May 1st, along with all the other participants of this year's PMC, I got a note from Pan-Mass Executive Director, Billy Star. in which he reluctantly announced the cancellation of this year's PMC.  While not entirely surprised because of all the safety issues related to COVID-19, I was never the less saddened by this news. Like all the other participants in this year's PMC  August 2-day ride, I have been putting much energy into fundraising as well as training.

Billy went on to say that, in spite of this set back, the need to support The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, doesn't go away. The war on Cancer must continue. Indeed, Billy announced that the PMC will be reimagined as a group effort performed separately. I heartily concur. 

On August 1st and 2nd, to the extent that  social distancing guidelines are relaxed, I will be riding support the battle against this scourge.


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