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Rider Story: Drake Family

Published Date:   July 06, 2010

Topic:   PMC News

Rina Drake, 43, of Nashua, is a cervical cancer survivor who says she had it "easy" because the cancer was found early and she required no further treatment after having a hysterectomy. For the past seven years, she has been riding in the PMC with the Nashua Rides for Hope team. The team captain, Andy Elioupoulos, is a cancer survivor and a close friend of the Drake family. "After Andy recovered from cancer, we signed up to ride because we wanted to do something to raise money for cancer research," she says. This summer, Drake's eldest daughter, Hannah, will ride with Drake and her husband, Mike. Their younger daughter, Sarah, 12, will cheer on the team. Hannah just held a sweet 16 party at her home and asked the 80 guests to make donations to the PMC in lieu of gifts. Contributions totaled more than $1,400. Hannah solicited sponsors to donate food and asked a DJ to donate his time by playing music. Hannah is a remarkable teen. She recently won class president for the 2010-2011 school year in a class of 500 at Nashua South and won MVP for her tennis team. Go Hannah!

Rina, Sarah, Hannah, and Mike

To donate to the Drakes: Rina Drake Mike Drake Hannah Drake Read more about the Drake family in the Nashua Telegraph

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