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PMC Bridge to Progress re-designed at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Published Date:   December 19, 2014

Topic:   Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Each day, hundreds of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute patients, family members, and staff walk across the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) Bridge to Progress.  Though the distance they travel is significantly shorter than the 192 miles biked by riders each year during PMC weekend, their goal is the same: to conquer cancer. 

The PMC Bridge to Progress serves as a central hub on the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute campus, connecting the spokes of Dana-Farber’s Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Research Laboratories, and Charles A. Dana Building. The original PMC Bridge to Progress was dedicated in 1997 to celebrate the first 18 years of the ride.  

The bridge is a tangible reminder of the impact of the Pan-Mass Challenge; simply put, it allows us to move forward.  That movement takes many shapes, both on the PMC Bridge and on the roads throughout Massachusetts that make up the PMC route.  Whether you’re heading to a clinical appointment, walking quickly across the bridge to a research laboratory, getting on your bike in the pouring rain to honor a loved one, or crossing the finish line in Provincetown, the PMC is a part of your journey.  

Recently re-designed as a result of an expansion project to Dana-Farber’s pediatric Jimmy Fund Clinic, the bridge brings a powerful piece of the PMC community to the Dana-Farber campus.  Elements of the bridge include a monitor that scrolls photos from PMC weekend, gear from the 2014 ride, Todd Miller’s biking mirror, a check representing $41 million raised in 2014, and an odometer displaying the incredible $455 million contributed by the PMC since 1980.

New to the bridge is a display case (pictured above), which includes a unique piece of art donated by the PMC–a high wheeler from the late 1800’s which served as the inspiration for the PMC’s original logo from 1980-1984. Also included is a digital tablet showcasing the evolution of PMC t-shirts and jerseys over the past 35 years.

From the PMC Bridge, you’re granted a unique vantage point that provides a glimpse of Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund’s history. Next time you’re walking across the PMC Bridge, take a moment to pause in the middle. Looking out across Binney Street, you’ll notice Jimmy Fund Building, standing tall with a singular window.  More than 60 years ago, Dr. Sidney Farber occupied the office behind that window, working tirelessly to unravel the science behind cancer.  The window represents the history of the Institute; and across the way sits the PMC Bridge to Progress—the route that will carry us into the future of innovative cancer research and compassionate patient care.  

On January 21, 2015 during PMC Tour Night and Reception at DFCI you will be able to walk through the newly re-designed PMC Bridge to Progress.  More information and ticket information coming shortly.

Pictured above: The Jimmy Fund Building in 1958.  Dr. Farber’s late evenings paid off; he achieved the first clinical remission with chemotherapy ever reported for childhood leukemia, paving the way for the future of cancer research and care. Today, decades later, Dr. Farber’s window (on the right side of the building) reflects directly across from the PMC Bridge to Progress.

Post courtesy of: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Division of Development & the Jimmy Fund

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