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An Announcement of Major Gifts to the Pan-Mass Challenge

By: Billy Starr

Jul 15, 2020 9:09:02 PM

A Message from Billy Starr to the PMC Community 

For over forty years with unwavering commitment, PMC riders and volunteers have encouraged hundreds of thousands of donors to give to the PMC. They have built a solid foundation of grassroots fundraising that has inspired several leading PMCers to make exceptional gifts and commitments in these most trying of times. 

As our chairman, Robert Smith, states, “It is the depth, breadth and strength of the broad base of support generated by the PMC community, built over generations, which makes the PMC an extraordinary vehicle through which we can channel our philanthropy to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. It is especially inspiring to know that we are joined in common cause by a cavalry of riders and an army of volunteers and donors charging forward together dedicated to our mission to eradicate cancer in our lifetimes.”

Your commitment to fundraising is critically important. The PMC’s 100% passthrough and its 41-year history of dedication to funding lifesaving cancer research and treatment resonates with all donors – large and small. Though this year is unlike any other, you will find that many are still making gifts and prioritizing their charitable giving, especially those inspired by your dedication to our cause. Thank you in advance for your efforts to carry out our mission for Dana-Farber.

The PMC would like to recognize seven recent special gifts and commitments. We are thankful for every donor and fundraiser, including this group – all of whom are, or have been, PMC riders or volunteers. Their consistent efforts as leaders and longstanding contributors of time and funds to the PMC and Dana-Farber is greatly appreciated, especially during this extraordinary time.

  • Robert and Dana Smith ($2,500,000) to support Multiple Myeloma Research
  • Josh and Anita Bekenstein ($1,000,000) unrestricted
  • David and Nina Fialkow ($1,000,000) to support Multiple Myeloma Research
  • Mike and Kate Ascione ($500,000) to support Genitourinary Cancer Research
  • Judy Hale ($500,000) to support Pancreatic Cancer Research
  • Robert and Karen Hale ($500,000) to support Pancreatic Cancer Research
  • Richard Berkowitz ($300,000) unrestricted

The PMC is an extraordinary community that has accelerated research, enhanced clinical care and supported the life-saving mission of Dana-Farber. We know that our efforts are more important now than ever and we are grateful to each of you for your relentless pursuit of our common goal.

Thank you,

Billy Starr
Founder/Executive Director


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