Why I PMC - WBZ videos

Why I PMC - as told by PMC riders and volunteers.

Thank you to all the #PMC2016 riders and volunteers for sharing their "Why I PMC" story. Thank you also for the talented and committed team at WBZ-TV, official media partner of the PMC, for producing all these amazing videos.

PMC 2016 - WBZ-TV Opening Ceremonies Why I PMC montage

Michelle Abel

Betsy Bowman

The Peterson's

Jillian Gundersheim

Lauren Lenkaitis Raffoni

Carie Capossela

The Mitchell's

Tara Runnals

Dan Almeida

Krisitin Brandt

John Pericolo

#PMC2015 Why I PMC stories:

Spell PMC

Steven Cashmore

Beth Hill

Christine Ledin & Dave LaFreniere

Jessica Otto

Rolando Lora

Louise Santosuosso

Team Thin Blue Ride (Jonathan Daige & Michael Cappabianca)

Andrew Broadstone

Jenny Abramson

Loie Williams

Meghan McSheffrey

Jean Landry

Karen Clark & Rina Drake

Patrick Boyle


Diane Amadeo

Bette Jacques

Dennis Toner

Rich Murphy