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The Pan-Mass Challenge holds webinars to support members of the PMC Community. Recent webinar topics include fundraising and highlights of PMC 2020 Reimagined.

PMC Webinars

Watch recent PMC webinars below. PMC volunteers, please join us for the upcoming Volunteers Only: PMC 2020 Reimagined Webinar on July 16 at 12 PM.

Find additional PMC videos on the PMC's Vimeo page

How Virtual Riders = Real Success for PMC 2020

Billy Starr and the PMC Staff share the latest on excited events planned for PMC 2020 Reimagined and how virtual riders are getting us "closer by the mile." The webinar was recorded on July 23, 2020.

Volunteers Only: Your PMC 2020 Reimagined

This special webinar, presented by Billy Starr and the PMC staff, was just for PMC 2020 volunteers to learn about PMC 2020 Reimagined and how to get involved. The webinar was presented on July 16, 2020, at 12 PM EDT.

Turning Reimagined into Reality – PMC 2020

This hourlong webinar, presented by Billy Starr and the PMC staff, is on the highlights for PMC 2020 Reimagined and how others are reimagining their rides. Get all the answers you need to make your PMC 2020 a reality!

PMC Fundraising Webinar

The webinar, held on June 16, 2020, is intended for any member of the PMC community – new and alumni riders, volunteers and virtual riders – to maximize your fundraising success.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Webinars

Watch Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's recent webinars and find additional videos on Dana-Farber's YouTube page

How Dana-Farber is Meeting the Challenges Posed by COVID-19

Leaders of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute share updates on our efforts to keep our patients, faculty, and staff safe as we remain undeterred from our mission to provide expert compassionate cancer care and research.

At the Leading Edge of Breast Cancer Research: Immuno-Oncology

Leaders of Dana-Farber’s Susan F. Smith Center for Women’s Cancers share updates on their groundbreaking work in immunotherapies and how this work is providing new treatments for breast cancer patients.

Outsmarting Cancer with Precision Prevention and Early Detection

Learn how Dana-Farber is discovering ways to detect cancer more quickly and identify, monitor, and support those at greatest risk.

Cancer and COVID 19 Clinical Trials webinar

Bruce Johnson, MD, Dana-Farber's Chief Clinical Research Officer, and his colleagues in clinical research led a discussion and Q&A on:
•Dana-Farber operation of clinical trials in the COVID-19 era
•The impact of COVID-19 on clinical research and trials thus far
•The status of Scientific Review Boards, Institutional Review Boards
•Funding and industry partnerships
•Adaptations for patients who are undergoing treatment

Webinar: Thoracic Cancer and COVID-19

Dr. Pasi Jänne, Director of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology and Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science, and colleagues discuss how COVID-19 is changing the screening, management and treatment of thoracic cancer, including:
• The impact on lung cancer screening
• The role of telemedicine in caring for cancer patients
• Managing clinical trials