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About the PMC Blog

Read stories from Pan-Mass Challenge riders and volunteers about why they PMC, stay up to date on PMC news, learn about upcoming events and more!

Blog Posts

Pan-Mass Challenge Announces $65 Million Fundraising Goal for 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Registering to Ride PMC 2020

PMC Donates Largest Gift Ever to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: $63 Million

Pan-Mass Challenge Establishes Advisory Board

New Dana-Farber & Jimmy Fund Logos: A Lens Into the Future of Fighting Cancer

The 3 Apps You Need for PMC Weekend: Tracking, Photos & PMC 2019 App

800 Gallons of Back Bay Roasters Coffee - PMC 2019 By The Numbers

Why I PMC - Alex Bartfeld

Why I PMC - Chris Aziz

Why I PMC - Alan Einhorn

PMC 2019 - Live Music

Why I PMC - Marilyn Rabinovitz

Why I PMC - Suzanne Merritt

Is Your Cycling Causing You Back Pain?

Why I PMC - Bill Goldsmith

Why I PMC - Rich Carr

PMC 2019 Volunteers Are Needed! Register to Volunteer by July 15

Why I PMC - Wayne Sula

Why I PMC - Jeff Johnston

PMC Night with the New England Revolution is September 21, 2019!

Why I PMC - Art Dorfman

Athletic Brewing Company Partners with the Pan-Mass Challenge

Why I PMC - Leenie Glickman

Why I PMC - Mark Bamford

Why I PMC - Anne Palmer

Why I PMC - JP Belliveau

Back Bay Roasters is the Official Coffee of the PMC

Why I PMC - Ed Fritsch

Why I PMC – Jeff Alers

Why I PMC - Alexandra Pease

Announcing Facebook Fundraisers – Connect Your PMC Profile Page to Facebook!


Why I PMC - Emma Earls by Melissa Earls

Why I PMC - John Boryk

Why I PMC - Pete Dickason

Why I PMC - Virginia Ann Brophy

Presenting the Official PMC 2019 Cycling Jersey by New Balance

PMC Increases Goal to $60 Million with $1 Million Challenge from Patrick Byrne

Why We PMC - Team Boston Fire - International Firefighters' Day

Why I PMC - Holly White

Why I PMC - Meagan Riley

PMC Announces New Chief Operating and Business Development Officer

Why I PMC - Daniel Kent

Why I PMC - Marcia Dana

Why I PMC - Gerald Powers

Why I PMC - Patricia Flynn

Why I PMC - Lea Peterson

Why I PMC - Tina Theroux

Why I PMC - Marty Rogers - "for Leo"

Why I PMC - Jonathan Langfield

Berkshire Bank Named Official Bank of the PMC

Deloitte Returns as Sponsor of the 2019 Pan-Mass Challenge

Host a #PMC2019 Fundraising Party!


A PMC Evening At Dana-Farber – Jan. 30, 2019

PMC Announces Unprecedented $56 Million Gift to Dana-Farber

Why I PMC - Rob Young

Why I PMC - Elaine Lavelle - Here We Go Again

Why I PMC - Nicole Merhill

Why I PMC - Ed Nee

Why I PMC – David Jasukonis

15,000 KIND Bars - #PanMass2018 By The Numbers

#PANMASS2018 - Live Music

#PANMASS2018 Social Media

Why I PMC - Haley Holland

Why I PMC - Fiona Hannafin


Why I PMC - Dirk Kokmeyer - In memory of Margaret "Peg" Dolan

Deloitte Announced as PMC's Franklin Waterstop Sponsor

Why I PMC - Jenna Rapoza

Why I PMC - Ashley Bottoms

Why I PMC - Rachel Ravesi

PMC Welcomes TESARO as a New Corporate Sponsor

Why I PMC - Jack Markuse - I remain grateful to play a small part

Why I PMC - Stephen Wysk - The PMC Has Changed My Life Forever

PMC Welcomes Bay State PT as Official Physical Therapists

Why I PMC - Barb Riley

Why I PMC - Otis Moyer - DA' HEDGE

Why I PMC - Katie OMara - For The Men In My Life

ALEX AND ANI Launches New Charm Design to Benefit PMC

Why I PMC - Paul LaVerghetta - I ride for my family, I ride for a cure, I ride for hope

Why I PMC - Meredith Bertoni - Why We Volunteer

Why I PMC - Susan Young - "No Other Family Ripped Apart"

PMC Announces Primo Water as the Official Water Sponsor for 2018

MFS Named Presenting Sponsor for the PMC Pedal Partner Program

Why I PMC - Bonni DiMatteo

Why I PMC - Maureen Gaines - Because I Can

A Fundraising Offer from MAPFRE Insurance, the Official Auto Insurance Sponsor of the PMC


Why I PMC - Kathy Lalli - For my Friend Tom

Why I PMC - Eric Wilde - for Wonder, my mother, and two colleagues - all lost to cancer

Why I PMC - Alison Bridgman

The Android Version of the PMC 2018 App is Now Available

PMC Day at Fenway - June 9, 2018

Why I PMC - Casey Dannhauser - for my Mom

Official PMC 2018 Cycling Jersey by New Balance

Why I PMC - Frank Vetere - For My Friend

Berkshire Bank Is Now the Official Bank of The Pan-Mass Challenge

Why I PMC - Ken West

Life Time - Official Training and Nutrition Sponsor of the PMC

Why I PMC - Edin Randall - Pedaling for Penny, Year 2

PMC 2018 - Rider Orientation Sessions

Why I PMC - Charlie Larsen

Why I PMC - Steven Branson

Why I PMC - Wes Besser


Why I PMC - Nicole Fields

The Impact of PMC Funds on Dana-Farber's Progress - Dr. Laurie Glimcher

PMC Announces Record-Breaking $51 Million Gift to Dana- Farber

Why I PMC- Dan Schorr-  Vice Cream

Why I PMC- Bob Fortin

Why I PMC- Michelle Abel- PwC

Why I PMC- Danny Sarch

Why I PMC- The MCats Band- One More Song

Why and Where I PMC- Ted Merritt

Team BrentWheels- Why Lobsters?

Why I PMC- Samantha White

Why I PMC- Steve Galante

Why I PMC- Dawn Phelps- Because Cancer Changed My Life

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Back for PMC 2017

Why I PMC- Joe Galluzzo- Together We Can

Why We PMC- Kevin O'Malley- To Make A Difference

7,500 Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars #PanMass2017- By the Numbers

PMC Opening Ceremonies- August 4, 2017

Why I PMC- Karen Tierney

Why I PMC- Macy Lipkin

Why I PMC- Tom Sommerfield

#PanMass2017 Social Media

Why I PMC- Jacqui Boire

#PanMass2017 - Live Music

Why I PMC- Team Willett Power

2017 Spring PMC Kids Rides

PMC Night with the New England Revolution - September 23, 2017

Why I PMC - Paula Farina Pollis - It's why we , the Farina Family, PMC

Why I PMC - Lee Mulligan - I am Living Proof

Why I PMC - Lew Venezia

DFCI hosts PMC Profesional and Head Staff

Why I PMC - Kerri Casey - My Reason Is My Dad

Experian is now the PMC lunch stop and data sponsor

Why I PMC - Stephen Sacco - 31 Years Strong

Why I PMC - Nancy Cantor - Dream Factory Community

Why I PMC - Betty McEnaney - "It's easy. I am hooked. Big time"

Why I PMC - Bill Veno - "What the PMC ride means to me"

2017 Pedal Partner Party at Fenway Park presented by John Hancock

Why I PMC - Kim Fisher "What can I do?"

Why I PMC - Edin Randall - Pedaling for Penny

Boost Your Fundraising with Matching Gifts

Choose the Pan-Mass Challenge for The Boston Globe GRANT

Choose the style of the 2017 Harpoon PMC Beer

The Impact of PMC Funds on Dana-Farber's Progress in 2017 - Dr. Laurie Glimcher

Request for Why I PMC volunteer stories

PMC announces Berkshire Partners as official Wellfleet waterstop sponsor

A Call to PMCers

Smart Helmet Review by Abigail Greene


PMC 2017 - Rider Orientation sessions

Why I PMC - Christos Nikolis

The Resolution by PMC Cycles into the Bay Area, CA

PMC Announces Breakaway as a Lead Sponsor of The Resolution by PMC

Why I PMC - Allie Creighton

2016 PMC Holiday Gift Guide

PMC Night with the Celtics - March 24, 2017

The Resolution by PMC - January 27th and 28th, 2017

PMC 2016 - Check Celebration Brunch - November 6, 2016

PMC at the 2016 Holiday POPS!

PMC 2016 Night with the New England Revolution

ALEX AND ANI and the Pan-Mass Challenge

PMC and Whole Foods Market

Big News on DFCI's impact

Why I PMC - Donny Wexler (Jimmy Fund blog)

Why I PMC - John Fearon - From Boston, Co. Clare, Ireland to Boston, MA

Why I PMC - Doug Hopper

Why I PMC- Bryan Cote- Falling Down

Why I PMC- Connie Reiss

PMC 2016- Live Music

#PMC2016 Social Media

Why I PMC- Sonya Marquez

Why I PMC- Marty Middelmann

Why I PMC - Emily Rusk

Top 6 PMC Weekend Reminders for All Riders

Why I PMC - Tom Mayotte

450 gallons of Legal Sea Foods clam chowder - #PMC2016 By The Numbers

Why I PMC - Josh Person

PMC Opening Ceremonies - August 5, 2016

Keep Your Bike(s) Safe

Why I PMC - Marissa Parent

Why WE PMC -  The Morris Family

Why I PMC - Bruce Jones

Why I PMC - Maddie Mitchell

Why I PMC - Kaye Ceille

Why I PMC - Betsy Bowman

Why I PMC - Jessica Otto

2016 PMC Pedal Partner Party

PMC 2016 Heavy Hitters, Huge Success


Why I PMC - Randy Krauss

Why I PMC - Ben Marsh

Official 2016 PMC Cycling Jersey by New Balance

2015 PMC Yearbook

The Resolution by PMC 2017 - Save The Date

PMC 2016 - Rider Orientation

Looking for a Boston venue for a #PMC2016 fundraising party?

Why I PMC - A Thank You Note To the Pan-Mass Challenge by Gigi Eliopoulos

Why I PMC - GRITS by Monique Gipps

Why I PMC by Sarah DeLude Muncey

Why I PMC - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - Lydia Bogar

#PMC2017 Registrations Dates

#PMC2016 Registration Dates

Ski Wachusett Mountain for PMC 2016

2015 PMC Holiday Gift Guide

How I Used Tumblr to Raise an Additional $1,000

Why I PMC - Lisa Scherber by Meredith Beaton Starr

PMC 2016 Night with the Celtics

Introducing The Resolution by PMC

A PMC Threshold Moment by Billy Starr

A Bird's Eye View of PMC 2015 - Meredith Starr

PMC at Opening Night of La Bohème

PMC at the POPS!

Why I PMC - John Fearon - The ONE From Ireland

Why I PMC & Thank You - Lisa Patterson

Why I PMC - Tom Campbell, Scott Rizza, Team Lick Cancer

Why I PMC - Laurel Ainslie

Dr. Edward Benz on PMC's Impact

19,000 Bananas - PMC By the Numbers

#PMC2015 Social Media

Why I PMC - Paul Weber

Important PMC 2015 Deadlines Friday July 10, 2015

Why I PMC - Mike Spellman

Why I PMC - Claire and Bob Conerly

Why I PMC - Dana Canzano

FREE - Fenway Bike Valet

Why I PMC - Andrew Garland

Why I PMC - The Harring Family

Why I PMC - Emile Bielawa

Why I PMC - Kevin Sareault

Maximize Your PMC Fundraising With Matching Gifts and Grants

Why I PMC - The Galluzzo Family

Why I PMC - Michael O'Brien - Community and Belief

PMC & DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co. Continue Their Ride Together

Why I PMC - Brad Patterson

Why I PMC - LOVE BIKES. HATE CANCER. $20 at a time.

Why I PMC - Kaden Kopko

The Club by George Foreman III, PMC Official Training and Nutrition Partner

Why I PMC - Kelly Sheehan

Why I PMC - Denise Singleton

2015 PMC Event Jersey

Billy Starr Means Business - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Choose the Pan-Mass Challenge for The Boston Globe GRANT

PMC Living Proof Portrait Project Opening Reception at MFA, Boston March 28, 2015

PMC Ranking in the a-thon Industry

Share Your PMC Story


Where The Money Goes... (continued)

Ski Wachusett Mountain for the PMC

Zakim Bridge to Light Red in Honor of #PMC2015

2015 PMC Goal - Message from Billy Starr

Eight Examples of Where The Money Goes

2014 PMC Yearbook

A PMC Evening at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

PMC Bridge to Progress re-designed at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Pan-Mass Challenge names 105.7 WROR-FM official radio station of the PMC for 2015 and beyond

The PMC is looking for a 2015 winter/spring marketing intern

2014 PMC Holiday Gift Guide

PMC Night with the Celtics - March 1, 2015

PMC Broadway in Boston - Newsies

PMC Check Presentation Gala, General Information

PMC Check Presentation Gala - The night's musical performances

In Sickness as In Health: Helping Couples Cope with the Complexities of Illness

2014 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Progress Update - PMC

Rebecca Green Goes the Extra Miles for the Pan-Mass Challenge

Celebrating 35 years of Riding and Raising Money - Pan-Mass Challenge Check Presentation Gala at Fenway Park - November 8th

Team Patriot Platelet Pedalers Goes Beyond the Miles to Help Cancer Patients - How the New England Patriots Support the Pan-Mass Challenge

Morris Family to Host Inaugural Cape Ann PMC Kids Ride in Memory of Grampy

PMC is looking for one great fall marketing intern

92 Letters, 91 Donations - How One PMC Heavy Hitter Raises Money for the Cause and Why

PMC 2014 Weekend in the News

PMC 2014 Night With The New England Revolution

PMC Volunteers Rise to the Challenge

Highlights from #PMC2014 Weekend

Road crew volunteers keep showing up/ Rain or shine, PMC road crew has riders backs

#PMC2014 Postscript from Billy Starr

#PMC2014 Opening Ceremonies

Understanding the meaning of the PMC - A second year riders perspective

PMC Food and Drink By The Numbers

Beating Cancer on a Bike One Mile at a Time

Keeping the PMC in the Family and Honoring a Former PMC Pedal Partner's Legacy

Social Media for #PMC2014

Veteran PMC cyclist takes the PMC Mission to the Beach

Father-Daughter Duo Volunteer Side by Side for the PMC

Raise Funds for the PMC with a Booster T-Shirt Fundraiser

Meet Team Riverside Rockets Generations - joining forces to support the PMC

Way Back Wednesday: 35-year rider, Barry Kraft, will keep riding until it's once again about the fun, rather than the cause

Harpoon PMC Beer? YES, you read that right

Boost Your Fundraising with Matching Gifts and Grants

PMC Day at Fenway Park was a home run!

PMCer Turns Annual Father's Day Ride into a Greater Challenge and Tribute

Teens to take on the Pan-Mass Challenge

Casey Blake, Second year Sunday PMC rider, Team PwC

Your exclusive chance to buy the Alex and Ani Bike Charm Bangle benefiting the PMC on June 4th - weeks before the national launch.

Way Back Wednesday - Roslyn McLean Rode, Jumped and Volunteered for the PMC

TRADE Secrets - How to Produce a Great Fundraiser

Making Connections through PMC Young Professionals Night & Tour of DFCI

Billy Starr, Commencement Speaker at Salem State

Pan-Mass Challenge Looks Forward to PMC 2014 and Celebrates Past Success

Former PMC Pedal Partner Inspires Current Jimmy Fund Clinic Patients and PMC Cyclists

National Honors Society Students Lend Helping Hands to the Framingham PMC Kids Ride

A veteran one-day rider to switch gears and pedal two days this year

Pancreatic cancer survivor to speak at PMC Heavy Hitter Dinner May 9th, 2014

Making the drive up north to volunteer at MMA

Quacking out cancer one mile at a time

Meet Amy Bresky, the First PMC Volunteer and ready for number 35

28 Year PMC Rider, Felice Shapiro Inspires Hundreds of Women

Spreading the PMC's Mission through Tire Tracks and Song

Cancer Survivors Puts a New Spin on Fundraising for the PMC this Year

PMC 2014 - New Rider Orientation

Paul Schaye, 17-year PMC Rider and a cancer "Thriver"

Retired Cyclist Overcomes Challenges to Help Cancer Patients

PMC Night with the Celtics was a Slam Dunk!

Planning a PMC Fundraising Event? Tips from Eventbrite

Making Connections through the Pan-Mass Challenge

It's a Slam Dunk! Inaugural PMC Night with the Celtics

2014 PMC Note Cards Are In Stock

Way Back Wednesday - A mid-life crisis in 2004 made for one epic PMC cross country journey to ballparks

Father-Daughter Duo Gears Up for a Second Year

PMC is looking for one great marketing intern

Once a PMC Heavy Hitter, Always a PMC Heavy Hitter

2013 Yearbook

PMC 2013: A Year in Review

Braving the Elements to Stay PMC Ready. Winter Riding Tips

Team Patriot Platelet Pedalers Give Thanks

Raising Awareness for Lung Cancer

Shop at AmazonSmile & Amazon will make a donation to the PMC!

PMC Night with the Celtics - Feb. 9th, 2013

Weekly Rides with Team PHAT Tuesday

Dr. Lee Nadler's comments from 2013 PMC Check Presentation

PMC presents record $39,000,000 gift to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

From ice skates to bicycles - The Boston Bruins Foundation presents check for $178K during PMC Night at the Bruins

Pedaling for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in her husband's honor

Kicking Cancer with Cleats

The Johnston Trio Rides With a Purpose

PMC veteran manages miles for dollars - Meet Jon Chase, the PMC's financial advisor

Growing up with the PMC

Two-time breast cancer survivor celebrates 13-year commitment to the PMC

PMC Night with the New England Revolution

Meet the Middelmanns: A PMC family fundraising team

Team Ed's Flakes: A Family that Rides Together, Stays Together

Indiana man finds inspiration to fundraise along the PMC route

Continuing to Spin Their Wheels for the PMC

Florida Man Runs 163-Miles in the Pan-Mass Challenge Bike-a-Thon to Raise Money for Cancer Research

PMC Weekend in the News!

PMC 2013 reflection - Lifting others up in the PMC 2013 by Ken Brack

Getting Closer By The Mile - #PMC2013 Day 1

Social Media on PMC Weekend - Join In!

Fueling the PMC Mission - Fun Facts

Covidien has Fun with PMC Kids at Patriot Place

From out-of-shape to running 163 miles in the Pan-Mass Challenge Adam Scully-Power is a man on a mission

Going the extra mile for the Pan-Mass Challenge by unicycle

Giving thanks to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Girls that ride together, stay together - Join Team Cycle for Colby on Sunday, Aug. 4th

The Odd Couple: A Conversation with Two of the PMC's Most Chronologically Gifted Riders


ATTENTION: Saturday 1-Day Riders and MMA Volunteers

In Honor of his Father...

"Closer By The Mile" - The Story of the Country's Most Successful Athletic Fundraiser

Meet George Barker - A 13-yr. old first-time PMC one-day Sunday cyclist

Meet Louise Gerhart - A one-day Sunday PMC cyclist

Meet the Brofskys - A Three Generation PMC Family

Meet Helen Montie - A former PMC Pedal Partner turned PMC cyclist

In Honor of Their Mother - A PMC Kids Rides Story

Reflections from Katie, an 18 year old PMC rider

Pan-Mass Challenge - Team Courage-Coneheads

May is National Bike Month!

Taking the PMC mission cross country

The PMC Cycling Jersey - Our Strongest Yet

PMC Flag flies at Everest Base Camp

Team Eddie Forms In Memory of PMC Rider

Study was funded in part by the PMC

Inspiring a new generation to follow in the PMC's tracks

PMC - Provincetown Family Finish

Keeping Biker Buns Warm Since 2002

From Dana-Farber, "Scientists find potential loophole in pancreatic cancer defenses"

PMC - New Rider Orientation Sessions

Volunteer for the 2013 Pan-Mass Challenge

Meet Brent McCreesh - The inspiration behind TeamBrent

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." - Albert Einstein

The Pan-Mass Challenge: A Family Affair

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Honor Roll of Donors

PMC - Young Professionals Night

PMC Night with The Worcester Sharks - March 9th!

Join the conversation, PMC on Social Media!

Landry's Bicycles: Special offers for PMC riders on Thursday, February 7th

2012 Yearbook - Downloadable

Team Brielle's Brigade

Guilt-free Fall Shopping

A keepsake for PMC cyclists, volunteers and supporters

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge drew 5,450 cyclists to ride for $36 million

Kicking off PMC weekend with Senators Brown and Kerry, and Red Sox wives

Feeding PMCers' Hunger and Motivation

Download WCVB's App for PMC Weekend

#PMCRideFinds: Ride, Find, Share

Bobby Valentine receives his first PMC Jersey

PMCer Launches Who Says I Can't TV

PMC Day at Fenway was a grand slam

Brunch and Cocktail Party for PMC Team Rialto-TRADE

Non-athlete rises to the occasion in honor of nephew

What drives you to be a part of the PMC?

Young Cancer Patients Honored at Fenway Park

Team Rialto-TRADE serves up a fundraiser for the PMC

PMC Heavy Hitters Tour New Yawkey Center for Cancer Care

Rider Recruitment Party a Success for All PMCers

Landry's Marketing Rides

PMC Sunday Route to go through Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place

Confidence Beads designs limited edition PMC 2012 bead

PMC Training Ride -- In Italy!

The official PMC 2012 Rider Jersey

Mayor Setti Warren Welcomes Newton PMCers to City Hall

What you need to know as a first year PMC rider

2011 report on the "a-thon industry" / PMC continues as nation's single leading athletic fundraising event

PMC Launches Fully Integrated App for Riders

Bieber Fever Raises Awareness for Rare Cancer / PMCers are the backbone of funding for research

Coordinator Needed to Lead Kids Ride

Landry's Hosts PMC Hospitality Night

Passing the Wheel to a New Generation

NFL AFC Championship VIP Experience - to benefit the PMC

PMC Registration open to all alumni

Bike, Eat, Drink, and Sleep with DuVine Adventures and the PMC

The PMC 2012 Session Begins Today

One more look back at PMC 2011

Thank You for a Successful 2011

Baring it all for the PMC

PMC Holiday ornaments on sale

PMC Check Presentation brings life back to Fenway Park

PMC wraps up 2011 with a $35 million donation

PMC Open House and Heavy Hitter Gift Pick-Up

Commitment in the face of a dire diagnosis

PMC Weekend Recap: Star struck in Sturbridge - Lance Armstrong and a young PMC Pedal Partner are the stars of the show

Weekend Recap: PMC's Wellesley start was a grand slam!

PMC Pedal Partners bring the cause close to home

We make sunshine on a rainy day

The 32nd annual PMC is on

Bananas, Beer, and Bread. Oh MY

2011 Living Proof and Team Photos

The Tour de 60

PMC's Most Famous Fan Will Ride in his First PMC

Giving back at 13: Meet the PMC's youngest Living Proof rider

Million-Dollar Fundraising Family

A PMC Weekend Wedding

Pregnant with cancer

Police Officer's Fight to Raise Funds to Save Terminally Ill Wife

Father and Son Take On the Pan-Mass Challenge in Tandem

PMC Jerseys transformed into PMC quilt

Rialto's Jody Adams Gives Young Cancer Patient Private Cooking Lessons

Raising Money to Fund Cancer Research? There's an App for That!

Sidelined by cancer, rider vows to be part of the PMC

PMC Night at Fenway was a homerun

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge Day at Fenway Park, June 18th

Mary had a little plan

Yoga Warriors Fighting Cancer Alongside PMC's Road Warriors

Ring the Opening Bell at the NYSE

A PMC road trip to Philly

16-year-old inspires all at Pedal Partner party

PMCers celebrate 2010; look ahead for success in 2011

A Mother's Day story

2011 PMC wrapped ZipCar

28 Year PMC Rider, Chief Justice Sam Zoll

"Peeps" Mass Challenge

Pedal Power: PMC Kids Rides Are Coming

Calling all PMC Heavy Hitters

WCVB Pan-Mass Challenge PSA

Keeping their memory alive: PMCer bikes, swims and runs with parents in mind

Be part of the BMW PMC Mosaic

Volunteers needed for PMC 2011

Landry's Bicycle hosts PMC Hospitality Night

Team Maureen: Keeping a loved one's memory alive through the PMC

Support PMCer's documentary-style TV show

PMC money helps launch new state of the art cancer center at DFCI

One more look back at 2010

The PMC 2011 Jersey

It's that time of year

PMC jersey cruises into Key West

The PMC (jersey) heads West

Cyclist brings the PMC to Vietnam, Morocco

PMC 2011 - New Route Added

WCVB-TV is PMC 2011 media sponsor

Jeff Rimpas and his daughter Madeleine bring the PMC to Greece

Celebrating a milestone: PMCer's recognized for surpassing $300 Million

The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge surpasses the $300 million mark

Where has your PMC jersey been?

PMC fundraising goes virtual

PMCer hosts book reading

Living Proof: Babson College photo

Pan-Mass Challenge Organizer Optimistic about Exceeding $31 Million Goal

PMC video and photos

Pan-Mass Challenge riders make headlines

Wellesley Finish: Day Two

And they're off!

Wellesley Start: Day One


Pedal Partner Picnic

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge kicks off tonight

PMC in the Big Apple

Bananas, Bagels, and Beer: Food facts about the PMC

PMC Health and Sports Expos in Sturbridge and Wellesley

Rider info: parking restrictions at MMA

Meet "The Big Swede"

Massachusetts has the fittest senators

Rider Story: Don Benovitz

Matriarch of Family Motivates Son to Push On

PMC on Foursquare

Team Darius, a first-year PMC team, rides for a friend

Living Proof and Team Rider Photo Info

Team Lick Cancer Creates New Fundraising Video

Boloco and the Cape Codder Smoothie can help fund your PMC

Growing Hope Down on the Farm

Rider Story: Heather Hobler

Piecing together a fundraising campaign with SWAG

Rider Story: Drake Family

Rider Story: David Wade

A Recap - PMC Day at Fenway

Jimmies for the Jimmy Fund

A warm-up for PMC Day at Fenway Park

A little note of thanks

Virtual Rider Story: Ellen Martyn

PMC Rider Story: Paul Schaye

You can ring the Bell!

Team NECN - behind the camera and on the bike

My Story - Ana Lockwood

The PMC welcomes 2010 Pedal Partners

Friends of Dana-Farber recognize Billy Starr and the PMC

The Mother Behind the Man

My Story - Palan/Lopez Family

Looking for creative kids!

My Story - Paul Schenk

City of Boston Bike Safety Summit

Vote for a fellow rider in the Pepsi Refresh Project

New Balance a PMC co-presenting sponsor

Head Staff plans PMC 2010

Register to be a PMC volunteer

"In Cancer Fight, Teenagers Don't Fit In"

PMC a "Best of Business" winner

PMC 2009 Party Photos

PMC 2010: It's on!

PMC support comes from all over Massachusetts (and beyond)

PMCer Jothy Rosenberg on Fox25 News

WSJ: Running, Biking Your Way to Good Works

PMC in the News

Pan-Massachusetts Challenge gives $30,384,200 to the Jimmy Fund for 30-year total of $270 million

PMC hosts book launch party

Impact of Charity Bike-a-Thons

Plan Your 2010 PMC Route

Stock up on great cycling gear!

30th PMC Gala and Check Presentation - Saturday, Dec. 5th

Billy Starr rededicates PMC Bridge to Progress | NECN

More on the PMC Bridge to Progress

When a Child Knows Someone with Cancer

Stories From the Field: PMCers riders recap PMC weekend

Pan-Mass Challenge -- Day 1

The PMC takes over NYC

A Perfect Pedal Partner Match

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2008

30 Year in 30 Weeks -- 2007

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2006

PMC 2005 -- A Second Attempt

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2005

New PMC PaceLine

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2004

PMC in the News

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2003

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2002

More PMC Kids Rides this weekend

Billy Starr Honored with Nonprofit Leadership Award

PMC is a top Volunteer Vacation Destination

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2001

More PMC Kids Rides this weekend

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 2000

Another Story of Why We Ride

Big weekend of PMC Kids Rides

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1999

Training in the Rain

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1998

I remember: One rider's PMC memories

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1997

PMC Pedal Partner Party

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1996

PMCer faces third cancer fight

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1995

Attention all first-year riders

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1994

PMCer not letting unemployment get in his way

Mike FM is 2009 PMC Radio Sponsor

Who Says You Can't?

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1993

More from PMC 1992

Rider Story: Dan Young

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1992

Top athletic fundraisers in US

PMC Heavy Hitters

30 Years in 30 Weeks -- 1991