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About the PMC Blog

Read stories from Pan-Mass Challenge riders and volunteers about why they PMC, stay up to date on PMC news, learn about upcoming events and more!

Blog Posts

Why I PMC - Sean Glavin

Why I PMC - Mary McGunnigal

Shop PMC Sponsor Yasso's Newest Product, Poppables, With an Exclusive Offer

Everything You Need to Know About PMC 2021 Volunteer Registration

All Provincetown Riders to Finish at the Monument Finish in 2021

Dana-Farber Opens New Facility in Chestnut Hill, Names the Pan-Mass Challenge Dining Pavilion

2021 PMC Winter Cycle Postponed

Announcing PMC 2021 Routes

PMC 2021: The State of the PMC

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, PMC Donates $50 Million Gift to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & the Jimmy Fund

Join the PMC Kids Rides Community on October 2–4

Why I PMC - Rich Crowe written by Joan Tomassi

Thank Your Donors on #PMCGratitude Day

PMC Lifetime Fundraising Pushes Past 3/4 of $1 Billion

Why I PMC - Jeanne & Paul Craigie

Why I PMC - Larry Sullivan

Why I PMC - Lisa Bethune

PMC 2020 Reimagined: $41 Million Goal

How to Use the Bay State Physical Therapy Resistance Band in Your Rider Box

Athletic Brewing Co.'s Limited Release PMC Beer & Podcast Featuring Billy Starr

An Announcement of Major Gifts to the Pan-Mass Challenge

Why I PMC - Mary Worthington

Why I PMC - Shayna Silva

Why I PMC - Theresa Welsh

Why I PMC - Jennifer Covell

Why I PMC - Susan Sudbay

PMC Statement on Racism

6 Exercises for Cyclists from Bay State Physical Therapy

Why I PMC - Jonathan DeIulis

Little Leaf Farms Is a Sponsor of PMC 2020

Primal Named Preferred Cycling Apparel Company of the PMC

New Training Feature: Connect Strava to Your PMC Profile Page

Why I PMC - Jeff Lannon

Charles River Apparel Is an Official Sponsor of the PMC

Get Ready! Introducing Plans for PMC 2020 Reimagined

Why I PMC - Amy Oliver

Why I PMC - Sandra Orangio

Why We PMC - Ally & Courtney Boli

Why I PMC - Ed Shapiro

Dana-Farber Thanks the PMC for $4 Million Gift to Emergency Response Fund

Important Event Update for PMC 2020

Pan-Mass Challenge Reimagines 2020 Ride

Why I PMC - Bob Friedman, MD

A Thank You and Update from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Why I PMC - Susan Giaconia

The Official PMC 2020 Jersey Is Here!

PMC to Raise and Release $4 Million by May 1 for Dana-Farber's Most Urgent Needs

Why I PMC - Rick Tangard

Status of PMC Weekend – April 2, 2020 Update

Why I PMC - Barry Slosberg

Why I PMC - Ellie Olsen

Donors Needed at Kraft Family Blood Donor Center

Why I PMC - Chrissy Shah

Why I PMC - Jen Sweet

Billy Starr: Important Policy Change for 2020

Dana-Farber: FAQs for Cancer Patients on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Event Update from Billy Starr – March 19, 2020

Why I PMC - John Phelan

Why I PMC - Alex Johnson

PMC Update Regarding COVID-19

Why I PMC - Erin Phinney

Why I PMC - Matt Rubins

Why I PMC - Christos Nikolis

Pan-Mass Challenge Announces $65 Million Fundraising Goal for 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Registering to Ride PMC 2020

PMC Donates Largest Gift Ever to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: $63 Million

Pan-Mass Challenge Establishes Advisory Board

New Dana-Farber & Jimmy Fund Logos: A Lens Into the Future of Fighting Cancer

The 3 Apps You Need for PMC Weekend: Tracking, Photos & PMC 2019 App

800 Gallons of Back Bay Roasters Coffee - PMC 2019 By The Numbers

Why I PMC - Alex Bartfeld

Why I PMC - Chris Aziz

Why I PMC - Alan Einhorn

PMC 2019 - Live Music

Why I PMC - Marilyn Rabinovitz

Why I PMC - Suzanne Merritt

Is Your Cycling Causing You Back Pain?

Why I PMC - Bill Goldsmith

Why I PMC - Rich Carr

PMC 2019 Volunteers Are Needed! Register to Volunteer by July 15

Why I PMC - Wayne Sula

Why I PMC - Jeff Johnston

PMC Night with the New England Revolution is September 21, 2019!

Why I PMC - Art Dorfman

Athletic Brewing Company Partners with the Pan-Mass Challenge

Why I PMC - Leenie Glickman

Why I PMC - Mark Bamford

Why I PMC - Anne Palmer

Why I PMC - JP Belliveau

Back Bay Roasters is the Official Coffee of the PMC

Why I PMC - Ed Fritsch

Why I PMC – Jeff Alers

Why I PMC - Alexandra Pease

Announcing Facebook Fundraisers – Connect Your PMC Profile Page to Facebook!


Why I PMC - Emma Earls by Melissa Earls

Why I PMC - John Boryk

Why I PMC - Pete Dickason

Why I PMC - Virginia Ann Brophy

Presenting the Official PMC 2019 Cycling Jersey by New Balance

PMC Increases Goal to $60 Million with $1 Million Challenge from Patrick Byrne

Why We PMC - Team Boston Fire - International Firefighters' Day

Why I PMC - Holly White

Why I PMC - Meagan Riley

PMC Announces New Chief Operating and Business Development Officer

Why I PMC - Daniel Kent

Why I PMC - Marcia Dana

Why I PMC - Gerald Powers

Why I PMC - Patricia Flynn

Why I PMC - Lea Peterson

Why I PMC - Tina Theroux

Why I PMC - Marty Rogers - "for Leo"

Why I PMC - Jonathan Langfield

Berkshire Bank Named Official Bank of the PMC

Deloitte Returns as Sponsor of the 2019 Pan-Mass Challenge

Host a #PMC2019 Fundraising Party!


A PMC Evening At Dana-Farber – Jan. 30, 2019

PMC Announces Unprecedented $56 Million Gift to Dana-Farber

Why I PMC - Rob Young

Why I PMC - Elaine Lavelle - Here We Go Again

Why I PMC - Nicole Merhill

Why I PMC - Ed Nee

Why I PMC – David Jasukonis

15,000 KIND Bars - #PanMass2018 By The Numbers

#PANMASS2018 - Live Music

#PANMASS2018 Social Media

Why I PMC - Haley Holland

Why I PMC - Fiona Hannafin


Why I PMC - Dirk Kokmeyer - In memory of Margaret "Peg" Dolan

Deloitte Announced as PMC's Franklin Waterstop Sponsor

Why I PMC - Jenna Rapoza

Why I PMC - Ashley Bottoms

Why I PMC - Rachel Ravesi

PMC Welcomes TESARO as a New Corporate Sponsor

Why I PMC - Jack Markuse - I remain grateful to play a small part

Why I PMC - Stephen Wysk - The PMC Has Changed My Life Forever

PMC Welcomes Bay State PT as Official Physical Therapists

Why I PMC - Barb Riley

Why I PMC - Otis Moyer - DA' HEDGE

Why I PMC - Katie OMara - For The Men In My Life

ALEX AND ANI Launches New Charm Design to Benefit PMC

Why I PMC - Paul LaVerghetta - I ride for my family, I ride for a cure, I ride for hope

Why I PMC - Meredith Bertoni - Why We Volunteer

Why I PMC - Susan Young - "No Other Family Ripped Apart"

PMC Announces Primo Water as the Official Water Sponsor for 2018

MFS Named Presenting Sponsor for the PMC Pedal Partner Program

Why I PMC - Bonni DiMatteo

Why I PMC - Maureen Gaines - Because I Can

A Fundraising Offer from MAPFRE Insurance, the Official Auto Insurance Sponsor of the PMC


Why I PMC - Kathy Lalli - For my Friend Tom

Why I PMC - Eric Wilde - for Wonder, my mother, and two colleagues - all lost to cancer

Why I PMC - Alison Bridgman

The Android Version of the PMC 2018 App is Now Available

PMC Day at Fenway - June 9, 2018

Why I PMC - Casey Dannhauser - for my Mom

Official PMC 2018 Cycling Jersey by New Balance

Why I PMC - Frank Vetere - For My Friend

Berkshire Bank Is Now the Official Bank of The Pan-Mass Challenge

Why I PMC - Ken West

Life Time - Official Training and Nutrition Sponsor of the PMC

Why I PMC - Edin Randall - Pedaling for Penny, Year 2

PMC 2018 - Rider Orientation Sessions

Why I PMC - Charlie Larsen

Why I PMC - Steven Branson

Why I PMC - Wes Besser


Why I PMC - Nicole Fields

The Impact of PMC Funds on Dana-Farber's Progress - Dr. Laurie Glimcher

PMC Announces Record-Breaking $51 Million Gift to Dana- Farber

Why I PMC- Dan Schorr-  Vice Cream

Why I PMC- Bob Fortin

Why I PMC- Michelle Abel- PwC

Why I PMC- Danny Sarch

Why I PMC- The MCats Band- One More Song

Why and Where I PMC- Ted Merritt

Team BrentWheels- Why Lobsters?

Why I PMC- Samantha White

Why I PMC- Steve Galante

Why I PMC- Dawn Phelps- Because Cancer Changed My Life

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Back for PMC 2017

Why I PMC- Joe Galluzzo- Together We Can

Why We PMC- Kevin O'Malley- To Make A Difference

7,500 Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars #PanMass2017- By the Numbers

PMC Opening Ceremonies- August 4, 2017

Why I PMC- Karen Tierney

Why I PMC- Macy Lipkin

Why I PMC- Tom Sommerfield

#PanMass2017 Social Media

Why I PMC- Jacqui Boire

#PanMass2017 - Live Music

Why I PMC- Team Willett Power

2017 Spring PMC Kids Rides

PMC Night with the New England Revolution - September 23, 2017

Why I PMC - Paula Farina Pollis - It's why we , the Farina Family, PMC

Why I PMC - Lee Mulligan - I am Living Proof

Why I PMC - Lew Venezia

DFCI hosts PMC Profesional and Head Staff