Restricted Funds

Restricted Funds

The PMC was created to support Dana-Farber by providing unrestricted funds to the Jimmy Fund for use under the direction of the Dana-Farber president. While PMC money now represents more than 60% of DFCI’s total annual unrestricted money, only 76% of our total gift is unrestricted funds. We understand that some riders and teams, motivated by a personal experience, choose to raise "restricted" monies and they have proved very successful at leveraging the PMC’s popularity to raise significant funds.  However, it is important that we don't lose sight of our original mission--to raise funds that the Dana-Farber can put to use where the institution feels they are most needed.  Our unrestricted donations are vital to many critical, yet underfunded, DFCI functions and initiatives.  Click here to learn more about how Dana-Farber uses PMC unrestricted funds.

Individual riders and/or teams may restrict their fundraising by following the procedures below.  A new request must be made each year by July 14th.  Please note that as of 2013, the DFCI allocates 10% of all restricted gifts to support their Faculty Research Fund to advance Dana-Farber's research mission.  

For All Riders:

  • When soliciting donations, be sure to notify your donors that you are restricting your funds raised.
  • Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC) must be notified of your restriction by July 14th each year
  • All of your funds raised must be restricted to the same fund
  • Individual donor gifts may not be restricted
  • To restrict funds, contact Alison with the following:
  1. Fund Name
  2. Fund Code
  3. Account number
  4. Doctor's name

If the PMC does not have the fund set up, the rider must contact Rebecca Freedman at Dana-Farber to obtain the fund name and code number.

For Teams:

  • If a team restricts their funds, each team member's fundraising is automatically restricted to that fund.
  • If a team does not restrict their funds, then an individual on that team may restrict their funds as they wish.

Questions? Contact Alison Rush