Making Fundraising Deposits

How to Make a Deposit

In late March, you will receive a set of deposit labels with 2 addresses.  

  • PMC lockbox (for deposits of checks only)
  • PMC office (for deposits of checks with special requests)

Click to request more deposit labels or to download deposit instructions.   Deposits should be of checks only.  The PMC cannot accept cash. 

Deposits of Checks Only
Sponsors should make checks payable to PMC, Jimmy Fund, DFCI or any combination of the three. Checks made out to you must be endorsed by you, and signed over to the PMC.   Once you receive checks, mail them to the PMC lockbox:
              Your Name Your ID# (12345-6)
              Pan-Mass Challenge
              PO Box 415590
              Boston, MA 02241-5590

You do not need to include a deposit slip. Please do not send any notes to the bank. Please do not use staples.

Deposits of Checks with Special Requests
These deposits need to be sent to the PMC office:

  • Matching gift forms with check or credit card receipt (include your PMC ID)
  • Checks to be split among several riders
  • Foreign checks (minimum of $200 after $40 bank processing charge per check)  Encourage to foreign donors to donate online.
  • Tribute checks - in honor & in memory donations requesting a tribute letter

The PMC office address labels:
            Your Name Your ID# (12345-6)
            Pan-Mass Challenge
            77 4th Ave
            Needham, MA 02494

Please Do Not:

  • Use staples.
  • Mail credit card slips. All credit cards should be entered at
  • Mail cash.  If a sponsor gives you cash, write a personal check and change the donor information.
  • Hold donations until PMC weekend – please mail them on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.