PMC 2018 Fundraising App

PMC 2018 Fundraising App

The new PMC 2018 Fundraising App is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store. This app makes tracking donations, thanking donors, emailing contacts and managing PMC event details faster and easier than ever.

This is an entirely new app and is not an update of the PMC 2017 fundraising app. To use the app this year, please download the PMC 2018 app for iPhone or Android. (You can delete the 2017 app; it will not affect your use of the 2018 app.)

When first logging into the app after downloading it, please allow the app to send you notifications. If you allow notifications, you will be notified when you receive donations to your PMC 2018 fundraising.

The initial version of this app features:

  • Home: View your fundraising goal, total raised and your event details.
  • My PMC: Access your My PMC manage page to:
    • View your donations
    • Update your profile page
    • View, edit and email your contacts
    • Update your biographical information
    • Review your PMC History
  • Fundraising: Review notifications and easily thank donors using the “thank you” button
  • Import Contacts: Import iPhone contacts to your PMC fundraising contacts
  • Email Templates: Edit and send PMC fundraising email templates to your contacts. More information on how to use these templates
  • 2018 Handbook

FAQs – PMC 2018 App

How do I log in to the app?
Log in using either your email address or egift ID and your PMC -- the same as you would log in to your My PMC manage account.

I'm having trouble logging into the app for the first time. What should I do?
If you selected "don't allow" when setting up the PMC 2018 fundraising app, please delete the app and redownload it. Allow notifications when setting up your app. Opting out of notifications has caused issues for some users when setting up the app.

Is there an Android app?
Yes! This is the first year a PMC fundraising app is available for Android.

Will this app allow tracking of riders PMC weekend and other features?
This is just the first version of the PMC 2018 app! Later releases will include additional features, such as:
- Notifications of fundraising adjustments (matching gifts, DAFs, transfers)
- The ability to update your profile page photo (select photo from your phone or take a photo/selfie)
- The ability to share your profile page to Facebook
- PMC weekend features (such as tracking) to come later

Who do I contact with questions, concerns or feedback?
Email David Hellman with questions or feedback. We'd love to hear from you!