Why I PMC - Macy Lipkin

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Why I PMC - Macy Lipkin

Guest post by Macy Lipkin

I started volunteering at the Brewster water stop a few years ago for the free t-shirt. Right away, I was shocked by the camaraderie of the riders, and I made it my goal to one day be on the other side of the tray of PB&J.  

This year, the week after my 17th birthday, I’ll get my feet wet with a 50-mile Sunday ride. I have a whole new respect for those who raise thousands of dollars. I’ve lost close family friends to cancer and seen those even closer to me survive it, and I love how the PMC brings us all together.

(Me and my brother after biking 125 miles to Cape Cod last summer)

(me singing at a fundraiser for inflammatory breast cancer, which took my aunt’s life in 2014)