Why WE PMC - The Morris Family

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Why WE PMC - The Morris Family

Guest blog by Paul Morris

Why we PMC (Morris Family) 

For the Morris Family the answer to the question of Why We PMC started out as a simple one.  Paul rode his first PMC in 1992 to remember and honor their mother, Margaret Morris, who died in 1990 at the age of 62 after her second long battle with cancer.  After that first ride in ‘92 the reasons to participate in the PMC started to grow quickly.  Those reasons include, but are not limited to friendship, family, support, comradery, more cancer deaths, more cancer survivors, and a reason to get in shape.  But I would say the #1 reason today would be hope.  After 115 collective PMC rides by Team Morris over the last 25 years we all remain hopeful and optimistic that this cruel disease that has impacted our family and so many others will someday be eradicated.  With the help of numerous generous supporters over the years our small, but mighty team has raised over $400K to help achieve that goal. 

Kara Morris, Dave Morris, Ken Surdan, Paul Morris, Jim Morris

Just at the list of reasons to participate in the PMC has grown over the years so has Team Morris.  Good family friend, Ken Surdan, joined Paul in 1993 and has not missed a year.  Ken rides not only because he is a great guy and a great friend of the Morris family, but he also rides to remember his mother who was lost to pancreatic cancer.  Brother Jim Morris jumped on the PMC train in 1994 and has only missed a single PMC in the last 23 years, as he locked in a battle that he ultimately won with late stage lymphoma.  Brother, Dave Morris, and brother-in-law, Al Wiegman, are also core members of Team Morris both with 16+ PMC’s under their belts.  More recently we have been thrilled to have the next generation of Team Morris join in the cause/ride.  Michael and Kara Morris have been recent additions to our PMC family.  Our sister, Sue Morris/Wiegman, and my wife, Suzanne Morris, have volunteered, ridden, and cheered over the many years.  Our father, John Morris, was an active supporter of Team Morris until he lost his battle with mantle cell lymphoma in 2012.  We have also ridden with many amazing people over the years.  Our good friend from Cotuit/Newton, Chip Greer, and his daughter Sammy have been side by side with us for many miles and years on the PMC route. 

Al Wiegman, Kara Morris, Dave Morris, Ken Surdan, Jim Morris, Michael Morris, Paul Morris

Picture from 2015 post-PMC Cotuit family reunion (not all family members present)

Cancer has clearly had a profound impact on our family.  Although for us, the PMC started as a way to honor and remember the loved ones that that we have lost, it has turned into more of a celebration of life, friendship, and family.  Not only do we use the PMC as a good excuse to get in shape and ride together as a family (with a smidge of Morris family competitiveness), PMC weekend is now the anchor weekend (every year) for our Morris Family reunion.  The 6 Morris siblings + spouses + 19 in the next generation all together for post-PMC reunion weekend/week on the Cape. 

While I like to think that our family has given a lot to the PMC over the last 25 years; lots of training miles; lots of PMCs; lots of funds raised; lots of free p/r; lots of PMC schwag purchased, and a few crashes, I can honestly say that the PMC has given our family more in return.  Not just the peanut-butter and banana slices at the rest stops or the Harpoon IPA’s at Mass Maritime; much more than that.  The PMC has been an anchor event for us to rally around as a family.  I do believe that one day we will cure cancer and/or relegate it to a “manageable disease”.  Until that day the Morris family will continue to PMC…

Team Morris

- Dave Morris, Jim Morris, Paul Morris, Kara Morris, Michael Morris, Al Wiegman, Ken Surdan (honorable mentions – Chip and Sammy Greer)