A Bird's Eye View of PMC 2015 - Meredith Starr

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A Bird's Eye View of PMC 2015 - Meredith Starr

A Bird’s Eye View of PMC 2015 by Meredith Starr 

PMC 2015 was memorable for good weather, great community and an important cause – all of which make PMC ‘culture’ so strong!

We in the PMC office have spent the past few weeks reading all of your 2,200 survey comments and have already taken steps to address many of them.  We take your feedback seriously and are always seeking to make the PMC the best experience for riders that it can be.   

In response to feedback we received in 2014, this year we made improvements to the Babson Start with better sound systems and sight lines.  From atop the lift in the middle of the parking lot, four year PMC rider and National Anthem singer Madeleine Smith and I had an impressive and commanding view of the sea of 2,500 riders cued up at the Start.  It was a moving to see so many colorful jerseys , people and bicycles united and moving as one (for the exit) for such an important cause as funding cancer research. 

This was my 26th PMC and I think it was our best event yet!  Some highlights on PMC weekend never get old and continue to bring home our mission are: 

The posters of our pedal partners lining the driveway into the Lakeville Water Stop and then the smiles and big hugs inside the tent for the riders and the families who come to cheer their teams on.  These bonds endure and sustain us and keep us always focused on why we do what we do. 

Our volunteers who work tirelessly in so many venue, in all kinds of weather, all focused on making sure our riders are well taken care of  in every way.  Volunteers are the ying to the riders yang. 

Friends, family members and complete strangers who line the route and cheer us on.  Cherry Street is a celebration on wheels, Da Hedge is an amazing phenomenon of hundreds of Cape Cod Sea Camp Campers screaming and cheering their hearts out.  Then you pass a person standing on the side of the road alone, silently nodding and clapping his hands.  Cancer touches everyone. 

The ferry pulling into the dock, the dancing and singing, the goodbyes until we do it all again next year.  We get older but the PMC and the relationships that we build endure.