Why I PMC - Tom Campbell, Scott Rizza, Team Lick Cancer

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Why I PMC - Tom Campbell, Scott Rizza, Team Lick Cancer

Guest blog by Thomas Campbell

Some say riding your bike for 2 days and 192 miles in the Pan-Mass challenge is far enough to prove that you are serious about doing what it takes to help get rid of cancer.  Others who are sporting, feel that tacking another day and 100 miles the Friday before to make it a "true Pan-Mass" is an appropriate way to represent their commitment.  Others go completely overboard and decide to add 2 more days and 200 more miles to all of that, and ride to P-town from the middle of New Jersey, because they may have been dared to do so over a few mojitos at Bayside Betsy's at the end of last year's PMC. 

Dare or not, Scott Rizza of PMC Team Lick Cancer is turning the 2 day Pan-Mass Challenge into a 5 day Pan-East Coast Challenge and he claims he isn't doing it because of any mojito fueled incentive, but because he wants to expand the message of the PMC to his friends, family, and colleagues in New Jersey, New York, and beyond. 

"Before deciding to do this ride this year, none of my friends at work really understood why I rode my bike everywhere.  Since word got out that I'm doing the 5 day, they are actually putting together a big going away party for me and my donations are up!" 

On Wednesday Scott will be riding from Pennington, NJ to Harriman, NY, and then from there to Canaan, NY on Thursday.  On Friday he'll join other Team Lick riders for the Huckleberry route to Sturbridge and then on to the PMC where adrenaline, a bit of drafting, and Harpoon beer will get him to Provincetown.  

You'll be able to track Scott's ride via the Team Lick Facebook page as we will be updating it with his continued progress.  Since he is riding without any support, it also helps us keep tabs on him ensuring that he isn't on the side of the road with a broken crank or cassette or leg... 

Others on Team Lick think Rizza is nuts, which is totally understandable, but they admire his commitment, and hope that the added miles doesn't hamper the collective enjoyment of the ride.  Teammate Marc Lebel noted "I hope this means he still plans to pull us across the Berkshires on Friday."  

In reality the team is in awe of his accomplishments and Captain Scott Apgar sums it up well "While it is true that he is an animal on the bike, Scott has to be one of the most polite people I know.  You would never realize the depth of his commitment to cycling for a cure to cancer based on his demeanor.  Some people thump their chests and tell the world, Scott just does it quietly." 

Finally, teammate Jeff Protentis notes "The ability to do this, and the willingness to do this in an effort to raise money for the PMC speaks volumes of kind of person Scott is, and of his dedication to the cause." 

Best of luck Scott, ride on baby!