Where The Money Goes...(continued)

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Bill Alfano

Where The Money Goes...(continued)

In an effort to keep PMC riders, volunteers, donors and sponsors informed; here are more examples of "Where The Money Goes".

Unrestricted funds raised through the Pan-Mass Challenge help to: 

  • Enable Institute leaders to apply monies rapidly when promising new research opportunities arise
  • Advance Dana-Farber's signature total patient care philosophy by enhancing the programs and initiatives that serve patients and their families
  • Support the core infrastructure and technologies that foster the exchange of ideas and information across the Institute
  • Allow Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to attract, develop, and retain the brightest minds who will lead the next generation of cancer care and research
  • Cover insurance reimbursement gaps, so that expert patient-centered care is delivered without compromise
  • Fund hundreds of important clinical trials each year
  • Buy state-of-the-art equipment that enables revolutionary discoveries
  • Fund the development of new cancer fighting drugs
  • Invest in future cancer breakthroughs by providing flexible funding for Dana-Farber's areas of greatest need
  • Support adult and pediatric survivorship programs
  • Support Dana-Farber's unique research study, PROFILE, which allows doctors to learn more about the genetic causes of cancers and guides future treatments personalized to each patient
  • Fund patient programs, such as support groups, nutrition education, the pediatric "Back to school Program," fitness classes, creative arts programs, as well as other patient and family resources
  • Provide transportation assistance to give patients access to care
  • Support Dana-Farber's community outreach programs
  • Stock the Jimmy Fund Clinic's toy closet and treasure chest
  • Allow Dana-Farber's Mammography Van to reach more communities
  • Assist the Flashes and Faces program that pairs boys and girls in the Jimmy Fund Clinic with personalized support, activities, and resources to help them adjust to the challenges of treatment
  • Provide fellowships to help foster the next generation of outstanding physician-scientists who have chosen to specialize in the field of cancer 
  • Allow Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s skin cancer prevention team to screen and educate the public
  • Connect teenage patients with one another 


Information in this post provided by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Division of Development & the Jimmy Fund