Rebecca Green Goes the Extra Miles for the Pan-Mass Challenge

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Rebecca Green Goes the Extra Miles for the Pan-Mass Challenge

PMC Rider Brings the PMC’s Mission Cross Country

This summer, Rebecca Green, 28, of Newton, Mass., went beyond the extra mile in support of the Pan-Mass Challenge. Rather, she went more than 3,600 miles in addition to the 190 miles she pedaled alongside her father, Warren Green, in the 35th event.  

Rebecca began her cross country adventure on June 16 in Oregon. Her goal was to make her way back to the Commonwealth by the start of PMC weekend.  She was joined by a group of 38 cyclists, who were also riding to raise money for various charities close to their hearts, through  America by Bicycle, a company that has helped Rebecca to not only map out her route riding from west to east, but also, to drive a support van for much of the way.  

“The ride across the country was incredible with mountains, deserts, forests, big cities and small towns, every day brought a new adventure,” says Green. “The best part, though, was being able to dedicate my ride to such a worthy cause. I made a point to wear a PMC jersey (essentially) every day of my cross-country ride which provided 1. a reminder to myself of the meaning behind my ride during those moments when the cycling got particularly challenging, and 2. a great conversation starter! I got to tell lots of people, from Wisconsin to Wyoming, all about the PMC, what it stands for, and the remarkable things the PMC accomplishes.”  

When Rebecca arrived in the northeast, her father joined her for the final 450 miles, starting in Niagara Falls and ending at the PMC starting line, and then together they completed the two-day 190-mile PMC route from Sturbridge to Provincetown. Rebecca’s mother, Marsha, drove a support vehicle for the remainder of the trip.  

“Arriving in Sturbridge and seeing the ‘Welcome PMC Riders’ signs was exhilarating,” says Green. “Making it to the starting line in time for PMC weekend had been the goal I had in mind all summer, so to finally be there was a very exciting and moving experience. The last 190 miles of the journey, were by far the most important and meaningful miles for me to ride, and I couldn’t wait to start this final stretch, rain and all.”   

Rebecca’s supporters followed her as she pedaled the miles spreading the PMC mission nationwide wearing past PMC rider jerseys as she chronicled her charitable endeavor on her blog, rgcycles. This was Rebecca’s fifth and Warren’s 23rd PMC experience.  The father-daughter duo rides year after year in honor of Rebecca’s late grandparents who both succumbed to cancer and her mother, a cancer survivor.  

“My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago and fortunately she received wonderful and prompt treatment and is currently cancer-free,” says Green. “I know that not every person who receives a cancer diagnosis is so lucky. I ride the PMC both in appreciation of the care my mother received, and with the hope that the research the PMC supports will allow many more patients to have positive outcomes like my mom’s. In addition, I’m currently learning about cancer in school, and have a new appreciation for how complex it is. While I’m still working on understanding the mechanisms of the disease and am years away from being able to directly help patients, riding the PMC is a way that I can help the fight against cancer now”.  

This year, the Greens hope to raise $25,000 for the cause. To date, they have collectively raised approximately $7,000.  

There is one week left for Green to achieve her 2014 fundraising goal. To learn more about the Pan-Mass Challenge, or to support a PMC cyclist or team, visit

Rebecca Green stops in front of Mount Jefferson in Oregon towards the beginning of her cross country PMC adventure. 

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