PMC Volunteers Rise to the Challenge

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Bill Alfano

PMC Volunteers Rise to the Challenge

by Meredith Starr

#PMC2014 will go down in history as the event with the most challenging weather in our 35 years!  But PMC'ers did what they do best -- you all more than rose to the challenge- you crushed it!  We are in awe of the numbers of people who rode through the cold and rainy conditions to the finish on Saturday.  We are equally impressed by the thousands of volunteers who battled the weather at the waterstops and hub sites and along the route to make sure that the riders had what they needed to endure and succeed.   

One of the things that makes the PMC unique is the relationship between the riders and the volunteers.  That relationship of mutual respect and admiration was never more on display than this weekend as both groups braved the conditions along 360 miles of infrastructure.  Whether it was a volunteer wiping sunglasses at waterstop 5, the massage therapists who stayed way past their shifts ended to make sure every rider who wanted one got a massage or the volunteer dressed as Captain America in Lakeville directing traffic all day in the pouring rain, volunteers are what makes the PMC such an incredible experience for the thousands who participate. 

We asked riders if there were any special PMC volunteers they would like to thank.  Here's a sampling of what they had to say… 

The group as a whole are amazing people. Without their assistance my job as a rider would be so much harder. For that I thank all the volunteers! 

They're all ridiculously awesome, IMO -- they're unfailingly cheerful, helpful, friendly and kind, and unlike me, they don't even get to ride their bikes for the weekend! If forced to highlight anybody, I'd say the folks that spread peanut butter on banana sections should get a special shout-out -- that is such a pain to do, but so awesome to have! 

Thanks to the bagpipers in the rain near Cherry Street, my highlight, and kept me riding. 

Special shout out to the young lady who rode in the back of sag van/wagon #34. She was constantly cheering and yelling for us whenever they drove by. It. Was. Awesome. Thank you for that. It brought smiles to our faces every time. Big hugs to her from the lady with the hot pink knee socks! 

want to thank all the volunteers in the pedal partner tent, who were so patient and kind while helping my sons make multiple superhero masks and flower pots!! The whole time I was there, I never heard a single cyclist or volunteer complain about the weather - you are all my heros!!!! 

The volunteers were AMAZING!! Anyone I talked to or asked a question was able to answer or get me to the solution. This was my first PMC and I am uttlerly amazed at how seamless the whole weekend was. The volunteers were 100% committed to making sure everyone was taken care of. THANK YOU! 

The medical volunteer and volunteer doctor who checked me over when feeling "cold" on Sat evening at MMA and whisked me to the warm room; and the sandwich makers at Brewster and Wellfleet who got me special-order jelly sandwiches only.  

Every volunteer is to be praised for their selfless and happy service during PMC weekend. I have to give a special thanks to the tire inflation station crew at MMA at 5am Sun morning. This father and son crew found me a loaner helmet when I left mine in the car when I was dropped off. If not for the tenacity of this father and son team, I would not have been able to leave Bourne.  

Nurse Mary in the medical tent in Brewster. She literally helped me get through the ride - I'll never forget her.  

All the volunteers were amazing throughout the weekend. It is truly remarkable to be thanked by a person who we riders should be thanking for providing food, comfort and assistance at all hours of the day! Best volunteers at any event in the country. 

The folks at the finish line at MMA! I finish so late but they cheered and cheered for me and they all gave me a hug! They asked if I needed anything because I was crying. I was just so happy to have finished my first PMC. 

Every single volunteer could not have been nicer and that is what sticks out the most to me about this past weekend. How do you find 3,000 people to give up a weekend (or a great deal more) to stand around without pay, many just as soaked as we were on bikes and wait hand and foot on almost 6,000 wet, smelly, tired and sore cyclists? You'd think it would be impossible to find anyone that crazy to take this on and yet every year 3,000 kind souls step up and make the PMC what it truly is: The Christmas spirit of honest and sincere "giving" in early August from a sea of strangers to other strangers, smiling all the way. Simply incredible, so my hat is off to anyone who helped me along the way (there were too many to count) because it is you who have inspired me to return next year and make 2015 an even better experience than this year was a first time rookie. Way to go, you are all the best. I can only hope your feet are up at long last and someone is finally waiting on you for a change.