Raise Funds for the PMC with a Booster T-Shirt Fundraiser

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Raise Funds for the PMC with a Booster T-Shirt Fundraiser

Did you know that t-shirts can be a powerful part of your #PMC2014 fundraising strategy? 

To help you raise awareness for your ride and funds for the PMC, the Pan-Mass Challenge has hooked up with Newton, MA-based Booster, the t-shirt fundraising site The Boston Globe described as “Crowdfunding for a Cause.” 

Whether you’re a rider, team member or virtual rider, Booster makes it easy to create custom shirts and run an online fundraising campaign supporting the PMC. 

From the new PMC portal on Booster.com, create and sell a custom-designed t-shirt to promote your ride/your team, then thru t-shirt purchases and additional donations from friends, family and other supporters --- you can raise money that will be credited to your personal or PMC team goal. 

Starting from the Booster PMC portal, just click on a “Start a PMC Booster” button and you’ll find an assortment of PMC t-shirts to choose from.
Next: Customize your design adding content/graphics to make your shirt personal and compelling: team name, graphics, tag line, logos, etc. A built-in, “what-if” calculator tool lets you see how much you can raise depending on the sales price per shirt and the number of shirts your supporters buy (20 shirt min.). Booster handles shirt printing & direct shipping. 2 weeks after the close of your campaign, buyers receive a cool t-shirt to show their support.

T-Shirts Unite!    

PMC riders wear t-shirts all year long as they train for their ride and know that team-branded shirts are a great way to:

Build team spirit and motivation

Let others know about their team/ride/the PMC

Serve as a rolling billboard to educate the public about the PMC as an awesome cause.

Now through Booster, riders, teams and supporters can turn t-shirts into a powerful fundraising tool to raise money for the PMC, while also boosting awareness and spirits. 

How a PMC Booster makes it easy for you to raise money:

You won’t have to pay out of pocket for lots of shirts. When individual team members and supporters buy shirts, their purchases and additional donations count toward your fundraising efforts.

Booster’s step-by-step setup prompts you to enter your PMC Rider ID # : ensuring you’ll get credit for this campaign toward your personal 2014 PMC Goal.

Net proceeds from your Booster #PMC2014 fundraiser will go directly to the PMC after the close of your campaign. 

With Aug 2 Ride Day coming up soon…

Don’t Delay

Start a PMC Booster today by going to https://www.booster.com/pmc

Guest blog courtesy of Patrick Rafter of Booster.