Boost Your Fundraising with Matching Gifts & Grants

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Boost Your Fundraising with Matching Gifts & Grants

Looking for a great way to boost your fundraising? Matching gifts and grants are a fantastic way to do that!  Last year, the PMC received over $1.5 million in matching funds, which made up a noticeable portion of our $39 million gift to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without them! 

There are so many companies that match their employees’ donations these days. When reaching out to your donors, always be sure to ask whether or not their employer matches charitable contributions. Some people may not even be aware of the fact that their company does this so a friendly reminder goes a long way. Most companies match at a 1:1 ratio but there are some, like Grainger and The Gates Foundation, which match at a 3:1 ratio.  

Typically, matches are done either online or by paper forms. Once we can confirm that we’ve received the original donation, we credit riders with the match up front so they don’t have to wait for the check to come in from the company. That way, they always have an up-to-date record of how much they’ve raised thus far. Contact your Human Resources department in order to find out what process your company uses. 

If your company doesn’t match, there are still other potential fundraising options. Many employers have grant programs that are either volunteer based or you simply need to apply for. For example, CVS has a Volunteer grant program that will give up to $1,000 to a non-profit of the employee’s choosing. 

CVS employees: It’s easy and you qualify.  As a way of furthering your contribution, you can take advantage of a CVS colleague benefit –which is the CVS Caremark Volunteer Challenge Grant.  Go to and complete the form and CVS will provide up to $1000 to the PMC. The PMC office has all the non-profit information you need to complete the form

Post courtesy of Alison Rush & Justine Darmanian 

CVS example courtesy of Steve Cohan