Fueling the PMC Mission - Fun Facts

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Fueling the PMC Mission - Fun Facts

What does it take to keep 5,500 cyclists going strong for two days and 190 miles? Strength, determination, and of course, food!

More than 3,000 volunteers and 200 corporations will supply the resources that keep riders pedaling hard to support adult and pediatric patient care and cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Favorite PMC snacks include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, trail mix, Clif Bars, beer, and a whole lot of bananas!

While the bikes may not run on fuel, the riders sure do! So, exactly how much food does it take to fuel cyclists through 46 towns across Massachusetts? 

19,000 Turbana bananas

14,000 bags of trail mix 

9,800 Bubba-Burger hamburgers 

7,000 Clif Bars

6,800 slices of Palermo's pizza 

5,500 hot dogs 

3,000  Dunkin' Donuts bagels 

3,000 lbs of Bell & Evans chicken 

1,600 loaves of bread 

1,400 lbs of pasta 

1,300 lbs of peanut butter 

500 lbs sliced turkey 

500 lbs of Hans Kissle sliced ham 

400 gallons of Legal Sea Foods' clam chowder 

275 watermelons 

160 kegs of Harpoon beer (21+ only)

12,000 gallons of Poland Spring Water

7,560 gallons of Gatorade

10 cases of Fluff 

One and a half tractor trailers full of ice


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