#PMCRideFinds: Ride, Find, Share

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#PMCRideFinds: Ride, Find, Share

There are only two more weekends before THE weekend you've been anticipating, the 33rd annual PMC. As you venture out on your remaining training rides, show the PMC what you see during each ride.

The PMC launched its first ever, #PMCRideFinds campaign, a Twitter hashtag campaign that will offer people a glimpse into what PMC riders experience during their training rides. During your ride, take photos of things you find interesting, locations you visit, and even people you meet along the way. Then, upload these photos to Facebook and Twitter with the #PMCRideFinds hashtag. The goal is to have #PMCRideFinds become a trending topic on Twitter leading up to PMC weekend to raise awareness about the PMC and its mission. Riders are also encouraged to include a link to their PMC profile page so people who see your tweet can easily make donations to your ride.

#PMCRideFinds is a unique campaign in which PMCers are utilizing social media to tell a story beyond fundraising letters, emails, bake sales, etc. Your training rides are taking you to places your car will never be able to. And what better way to memorialize these moments than to take a photo and share it with others? By photographing the distances you travel from your hometown, the beautiful scenery you uncover on your early morning rides, and the new people you meet on your bike, you can help to share your story and journey to non-cyclists.

For those with an Instagram and a Pinterest account, you can post the photos on these sites, with the #PMCRideFinds hashtag to expand your reach beyond the PMC community. Be sure to follow the PMC's Pinterest account so we can pin your photos to the #PMCRideFinds board.

When posting photos to your social media networks, don't forget to write a brief description about what your photograph is, or how you came upon the scenery, etc. Also, if you're a PMCer who sees a post of another PMCer's #PMCRideFinds photos, please share and retweet to your followers, in hopes to create a viral campaign that will inspire fellow cyclists and potential donors while raising awareness, days before the 33rd annual PMC event.

If you have any questions, contact Lilian Ma at lilian@teakmedia.com.

Best of luck on your remaining training rides!