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Support PMCer's documentary-style TV show

 Jothy Rosenberg is a cancer survivor, entrepreneur and extreme adventure athlete who spends his days proving that a disability is not a hindrance of success. Having lost his leg and a lung to cancer – and facing, at the age of 19, what doctors called a fatal diagnosis– Rosenberg resolved to be more than just "good enough, considering" his disability. Any of you veteran PMCers have seen Rosenberg along the route – as he bikes 190-miles on one leg, with one lung, on his bicycle with one pedal and outfitted to hold his collapsible pair of crutches.

Jothy in the 2010 PMC

Rosenberg, who is the author of Who Says I Can't, which was written about here, is now onto his latest venture and is looking for your help. He is developing a pilot for a television show highlighting other extreme athletes who have overcome hardships. For a video of the proposed series, click here. Investors and donors are needed to get this pilot project off the ground. Rosenberg has partnered with Kickstarter and has a set a goal to raise $15,000 in 48 days. To sweeten the deal, Rosenberg has series of gifts to give to supporters at any level. If you donate $30, you'll receive a signed copy of Rosenberg's memoir. A $75 donation gets you a DVD of the pilot and credit in the pilot episode as "associate producer." Rosenberg has been a dedicated PMC rider and fundraiser. Please consider being part of his new project. Rosenberg and his wife Carole have raised nearly $90,000 since they started riding in the PMC in 2003. Rosenberg is an inspiration to so many, with and without cancer. For 18-year-old Valerie Bradley, Rosenberg was the motivation she needed to get on a bike after she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, the same cancer that Rosenberg faced. Doctor's were able to save Bradley's leg when cancer attacked her body when she was just 14 years old. But her painful recovery meant she could no longer run or play soccer. Meeting and spending time with Rosenberg was just what Bradley needed to regain her confidence. In 2010, Bradley rode 190-miles in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge alongside Rosenberg.

Jothy and Valerie - Living Proof