Baring it all for the PMC

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Baring it all for the PMC

More than a dozen Pan-Massachusetts Challenge riders and supporters have stepped out of their comfort zone (and their clothes) all in the name of raising money for cancer treatment and research. Baring It All For Cancer Research is a 2012 monthly calendar featuring undressed PMCers covered up tastefully and strategically in PMC jerseys, merchandise, signs and bikes.

Baring it All for Cancer Research

Veteran PMC rider Alan Clarance came up with the fundraising idea after watching the 2003 movie "Calendar Girls," based on a true story of a group of women who posed nude for a calendar for charity, causing a media sensation. Initially, Clarance's teammates were luke-warm to the chilly idea of posing nude. Clarance challenged his teammates to put themselves out there for the cause. "It was so fun to make," Clarance said. "Sure, it was uncomfortable being out there, but we were all so committed to the cause, we made it happen." The calendar includes PMC riders and cancer survivors who ride in the PMC.

June 2012

Making the calendar was even more risqué for the participants: all of the photographs were shot outside in public, often with passers-by getting a look. The photos were taken in Manhattan and Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Mass. Clarance is the feature photo for September, posing with his girlfriend, rider Shawn Bohen, covered only by a PMC sign. Kelly Hardebeck, a three year rider, said posing for the calendar – she's the back cover – was exciting. "Training for and riding in the PMC stretches you physically, but then the ride is so rewarding," Hardebeck said. "It's easy to get addicted. The photo shoot was also an experience that stretched me, but we all know it's for a good cause." The calendar costs $20, with all of the money raised supporting the PMC. Photographers Debra Rose, Carmen Morosan, Andrea Fischman and The Essential Images all donated their services to create the calendar. To purchase Baring it All for Cancer Research 2012 calendar contact Alan Clarance at

January 2012