Cyclist brings the PMC to Vietnam, Morocco

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Cyclist brings the PMC to Vietnam, Morocco

To celebrate her 40th birthday, Amy Schoenbaum took her bike and PMC jersey on a biking trip in Vietnam. Here she is taking a well deserved rest while biking over Cloud Pass in Vietnam during her fall 2007 trip.

Amy takes a breather in Vietnam

"I always bring along at least one PMC jersey - if not more - on my trips, partly because I like them and partly to spread the message of the PMC to my fellow travelers and others that I meet on my journeys," says Schoenbaum. Vietnam was flooded when she went so she missed two days of biking and actually spent one day biking through flood waters. "It was pretty incredible," says Schoenbaum. "I never knew you could bike in water that went over your pedals." Just a few weeks ago, she went on a hiking / biking trip in Morocco where she also rode a camel. "Frankly, riding the camel was a terrifying experience," says Schoenbaum. "I'd rather be riding a bike any day. But when in Morocco..." Schoenbaum biked 108 miles in Morocco. Schoenbaum is a Brookline resident who has participated in the PMC for the past six years and raised nearly $50,000 to date.

Amy riding a camel in Morocco