Registration details for 30th PMC

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Pan-Mass Challenge

Registration details for 30th PMC

Want to be involved in the historic 30th annual Pan-Massachusetts Challenge?


Mark your calendars; registration is just over a month away. Don't let the cold weather distract you from thinking about a hot, steamy weekend in August.


The PMC's most anticipated route – Sturbridge to Provincetown – will sell out before you can shovel the snow off your car.


Heavy Hitters and PMC alumni will enjoy advance registration. New riders can sign-up Jan. 20.


There is a cap on the number of riders in the 190-mile two-day ride. But, there are some new options to join one of the other PMC routes, with the new one-day Sunday Family Ride.


In addition to the registration news, the PMC has announced new fundraising requirements. Some routes will see no change in fundraising minimums, and others will see a minimal increase. These fundraising minimums are the key for making the PMC the most successful single athletic fundraiser in the country.


Here are the details:


Registration dates:

Heavy Hitter   January 5

Alumni            January 12

1st Year          January 20


Fundraising requirements:

Route 2009 2008
2-day to Provincetown $4,200 $4,000
2-day to Wellesley $3,400 $3,400
Saturday 1-day to Bourne $3,000 $3,000
Sunday 1-day Wellesley to Wellesley $1,000 $1,300
Sunday 1-day under 18 years of age $500 $1,300
Sunday 1-day volunteer ride Bourne to Wellesley $1,300 $1,300

More info here.

And anyone can support the PMC's mission by being a Virtual Rider.